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Apr 13, 2009 11:00 AM

What are the best absinthe bars in Seattle?

Where can I go for artful absinthe cocktails, or even just to sip a fine absinthe?

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  1. Haven't heard of one, but let me know. Always thought it was great place to open one!
    Good luck. Am near Antibes France where there is an original one!


      Arctic Club supposedly has it.
      I've been meaning to check that place out.

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      1. re: GreenYoshi

        Last time I was at the Met for happy hour they had an absinthe fountain at the bar. Also I think Cremant was getting into it (though I mourn their sale and subsequently slashed menu).

        I would think any cocktail specialist place would at least have a couple bottles (e.g. Spur, Vessel, Zig Zag). But I am not sure.

        1. re: equinoise

          Have had absinthe in the mix @ Spur and at Vessel. (Don't recall @ ZZ). No fountain, but very creative with the mixology at Spur. Housemade bitter make really interesting drinks. I heart Spur. Vessel: good intentions, but way too sweet.

        2. re: GreenYoshi

          I wanted to let you know that our hotel does indeed have Absinthe at the bar. As an Absinthe enthusiast myself, I've found there are only 3 places (so far) to get Absinthe.

          the Polar Bar - 710 Cherry St - Currently (9/12) carrying:
          Absente Absinthe Ordinare Pacifique Pernod Grande Absinthe Abyss & Tenneyson
          (I personally recommend Abyss. It's fairly new on the market and fantastic for those who are not faint of heart)

          Zig Zag Cafe - I've only seen Pernod and one other off brand on their bar, but it is there. Pernod being traditional.

          Lastly, Marche does a "Green Hour" from 4:30-6pm. Sadly, they only have Pacifique and one that I have yet to identify.


        3. You might want to repost on the Seattle board.