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Self Directed Coffee Tour?

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Hi, I'm looking at creating my own tour of Seattle's best cafes where I can pass an hour or two with a book and really great cup of coffee. Any thoughts about my list, or additions you would add? Any that are better to hang out in or are more friendly and happy to talk about their coffee? Any that do a french press?


Stumptown (cupping everyday at 3pm)
Caffe Vita
Victorola (cupping every Wednesday at 11am)

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      1. I'd also hit up Caffe Umbria.

        Caffe Umbria Retail
        320 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

        1. In my opinion, your list is perfect as-is.

          1. I think Victrola does french press and I second Cafe Umbria...go on a sunny day and sit outside with a Capuccino.

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              Stumptown has a great tour downstairs underneath their 12 ave shop right next to Cafe Press. Go get some lunch at Press and then head over to Stumptown for your coffee and a tour.

            2. I think you're on the right track -- but for what it's worth, I'd drop Stumptown and Victrola. Both have really nice spaces, but personally, I am not a fan of the coffee at either. I keep hoping one day everyone will wake up and realize Stumptown is overrated, but it doesn't seem to be happening.

              I really like Bauhaus Coffee on Pine at Melrose on Capitol Hill. The coffee is OK, the space is great, though can get crowded.

              If you haven't tried a Clover yet, you might want to add a place with one to your list. It's a significant premium, but every serious coffee drinker should at least try one. If you are set on avoiding Starbucks, try Trabant downtown (there's one near Pioneer Square...maybe on 2nd or 3rd?).

              I'd also second the addition of Cafe Ladro, though I don't think they're as good as Vivacce or Vita.

              Finally, there's two pretty good take-out only places in Capitol Hill that I like -- you won't be able to sit in with your book, but both are walking distance to Cal Anderson Park if the weather is nice -- check out BTG Coffee on Madison (between 15th and 16th) and People's Republic of Koffee on 12th (at maybe Howell), which imports Intelligentsia Coffee from Chicago.

              1. Herkimer, on Greenwood. Owned by one of the original founders of Cafe Vita. They roast their own, too.

                1. Thanks to all of you who made suggestions, I was able to enjoy some very nice coffee and soak up great cafe culture.

                  I have to say the Caffe Ladro was the best with great with lovely coffee, a nice space, and friendly staff. Can't say the same for Caffe Vita who had the grumpiest staff I've ever encountered - and I live in London! Had good coffee at Victorola, Stumptown and Bauhaus too.

                  Thanks again!