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Apr 13, 2009 10:32 AM

your favorite recipes for salt cod

I've been using a recipe from Saveur and I feel like I should get out of my rut. OTOH, a lot of those mashed cod + potato + milk recipes don't appeal. What do you like?

Unhelpfully, that recipes isn't on their website. Sorry - I thought I'd be sharing it. It's with tomato sauciness and vinegar and raisins and I've served it as part of a Seven Fishes Xmas Eve dinner many times.

There are a lot of other recipes & some general info about salt cod:

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  1. Just made New England Cod Cakes this past weekend served along with a side salad.

    Cod Shredded and mixed with:

    Mashed Potatoes.
    Kosher Salt, Fresh Cracked Pepper and Red Cayenne
    Wilted Sliced Green Onions
    Panko Bread Crumbs for an outer coating
    Pan Fried in Canola Oil

    1. I looked up my faves in my recipe folder, and apparently never got around to writing them down! But one we've enjoyed the most was a baked stew, starting with chunks of the cod dredged in flour and then sautéed to a crusty gold. You gently cook sliced-up onions and poblano peppers (or sweet, which I can't use because Mrs. O hates'em) in oil until soft, add garlic and chopped tomatoes and cook until the tomato starts to melt, then add the cod, cut-up potatoes, some dry white wine (into which I throw some saffron) and put into a covered casserole, season to taste, and consign to the oven (350º) for about 40 minutes. Stir in a bunch of black olives for garnish if you want to. For carb reduction this works without the potatoes, too.

      A dish I made for Christmas Eve, from one of my bistro-food cookbooks, also started with floured and fried salt cod. This is combined with sautéed onion and sliced boiled potatoes (still a little firm) in a greased gratin pan and Comté cheese (or a decent Gruyere) grated over, then it's put in a hot oven for about fifteen minutes. You can tell why this is a bistro classic, as it'd be almost easier to make up a whole batch of these in advance and bake them as needed than to make just one. Anyway, for something so stupidly simple it was ridiculously good, so now we finally have our family's Traditional Christmas Eve Supper.

      Perhaps I should add, just to be safe, that the cod in both dishes should be soaked to soften and de-salt first. But you knew that, didn't you?

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        will- What's best oil for frying cod? Don't have an Italian-influenced recipe also, do you?

        1. re: MEXfoodie

          Olive, always. I've mostly given up on canola for frying - has that odd stale taste. Anyway, olive is what they use all around the Mediterranean. This was originally a Provençal sort of thing, but grinding a few threads of saffron and adding that to the wine takes it around to Spain, very enjoyably. A few dashes of smoked paprika seals the deal, by the way.

          I have a some recipes I picked up from an Italian source - I don't even remember where now. Here's one that's like mine, but simpler:

          Baccalà alla Fiorentina


          2 pounds (1 k) soaked baccalà cut into two-inch slices across the grain and floured
          1/2 cup of olive oil
          2-3 crushed peeled cloves of garlic
          Freshly ground pepper
          White wine
          1 pound peeled, seeded fresh tomatoes or 3/4 pound canned tomatoes.
          A bunch of parsley, minced

          Heat the oil in a pan and add the garlic. When it's lightly browned, add the fish, shifting it about gently lest it stick. When one side's browned, turn it gently and brown the other. Add a pinch of freshly ground pepper (salt shouldn't be necessary) and sprinkle with a little bit of wine. When the wine has evaporated, add the tomatoes and continue cooking for a few minutes, till the sauce is cooked; sprinkle with the minced parsley and serve hot. Serves four.

          The other two recipes in this set involve the kind of all-day prep elderly Italian housewives used to do all the time, so we'll skip those...

          I did find my original recipe, though (it was in the Casseroles folder instead of Fish/Seafood). Here it is - you'll note the fish is not fried in this one:

          Cod Stew Provençal

          1/2 lb. salt cod, soaked and freshened
          3 smallish White Rose potatoes
          1/2 med. onion, or one small
          6 canned whole green chiles, Ortega preferred
          3 ripe Roma tomatoes
          1 small can sliced black olives
          1/2 cup+ olive oil
          red wine vinegar
          salt, pepper, Herbes de Provence, Spanish smoked paprika

          Scrub potatoes if they need it. Place into 2 1/2 qt. pot of cold water, cover. Bring to boil, uncover, salt heavily, and boil for ten minutes. Drain and chill in cold water; peel when cool enough to handle and cut into bite-sized chunks. Cut up codfish similarly, likewise the chiles and tomatoes. Put into a big bowl.

          Chop the onion coarsely and put on to cook in the half-cup of oil. When it starts simmering pretty well, reduce heat and cover for five minutes or so, then stir in grindings of black pepper, a large pinch of Herbes de Provence and about a half-teaspoon of the paprika. Stir that over heat for a while then dump it in with the rest of the stuff, and follow with the olives. Stir everything together, salt to taste, then transfer it to a coverable casserole dish, preferably one just large enough to contain it with an inch or so of headroom. Drool a bit more olive oil over all, followed by some sprinkling of vinegar. Cover and place in middle of a cold oven. Set heat to 350º. Take it out in an hour and set it on a hot tray for another half-hour, unless you can't control yourself. After this you might want to have some pastis while you go out and play a little petanque...

      2. Get your hands on some piquillo peppers and stuff them with salt cod. You'll be delighted.

        1. One of my faves is salted cod in a recipe with potatoes, mirepoix, bay leaves, garlic, evoo, and Spanish style salsa de tomate. Once the potatoes release their starch, you have a hearty and delicious dish.

          Recipes -->

          1. One of my favorite ways to eat salt cod is in a spanish tortilla or omelette with just a little bit of parsley and maybe a tiny bit of garlic. its simple and delicious.