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Apr 13, 2009 10:11 AM

Broadway area

Hoping to go see West Side Story soon and looking for reasonable eats around the theater district. I know, I know....but thought someone might have secret place they'd like to share. Dives are fine!

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  1. ...What kind of cuisines are of interest?

      1. Theater is 46th/47th & Broadway. We saw WSS a few weeks ago and went to Wondee Siam for Thai food beforehand. It's on 52nd & 9th, a short walk to the theater.

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        1. re: valerie

          That sounds great. How was the food, or more importantly how was WSS?

          1. re: gbean

            We were going to try 5 Napkin Burger, but keep going back to Wondee Siam since we really like it. Note, this place is tiny. There is a larger branch across the street at 53rd & 9th, but we always go to the smaller one.

            Show was good, although I can't really say it was that memorable.

        2. I like Nizza although the tables are a bit small and the restaurant a bit cramped. And I like 5 Napkin Burger next door as well. While I suppose this puts me in a distinct minority on this site, I have always enjoyed Joe Allen, the food is serviceable and I enjoy the vibe there, always some tourists and some ladies from the burbs but also some locals and theater habitues. They take reservations 7 days in advance and when I call by 10:30 or so, never have had a problem.

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            I've enjoyed many meals at Joe Allen's myself. Never found anything to complain about there - the service is good, the food very nice, and the vibe great if you're into theater. Definitely a joint where you never know who you might see at one of the back tables, either...

          2. The theater is just down the street from Trattoria Trecolori.