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Apr 13, 2009 09:59 AM

Mother's Day in Duluth, MN

My wife and I will be travelling to Duluth, MN, for Mother's Day Weekend and I would like recommendations for a restaurant to take my mother-in-law to on Mother's Day. I would like to make reservations soon. Thanks.

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  1. Hell's Kitchen. They have a restaurant here in Minneapolis. They've been written up in Gourmet magazine. Awesome, awesome breakfasts. Try their homemade peanut butter!

    1. Other options, in case your MIL would prefer the Ralph Steadman decor on something other than Mother's Day.

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        Nokomos for the view, especially if the wind is NOT off lake as they are very close to the (cold) water. Service can be pokey due to the small number of staff, but it is first class and unabtrusive. Also, food is great. Probably going there tonight, but we were there for lunch last week, I had the Coq au Vin as a last hurrah of winter food and it was great. The soups have always been excellent, too.

      2. The Pickwick is a classic.

        1. Thank you all for your suggestions. My wife and I have been to Hell's Kitchen in Duluth and we thought the food was very good. We also drove up the shoreline with my mother in law and had dinner at Betty's Pies last year. The weather was very good so the ride was wonderful. The food, especially the pie, was enjoyable. We've been to the Pickwick several times in the past, and it has always been good, but I was wondering about Fitgers. We live in Ohio now, so we don't get back to the Duluth area as often as we used to, and I was hoping to try somewhere different. Thank you very much for reminding me about the “One Dinner in Duluth” thread. I saw it a year or so ago and that is where I first heard about Hell's Kitchen. There were some other great recommendations also. Le Bistro in Superior sounds interesting. Something that is common to Minnesota and Wisconsin is Supper Clubs. We have lived in several other states, but we’ve never seen Supper Clubs anywhere else. We’ve lived in Minnesota twice and we found some wonderful places near towns like Hibbing, Rhinelander, Eau Claire, etc. that were local Supper Clubs. The food was pretty standard fare, walleye, steaks, and a few other entrées, but in many cases it was very good. If the weather is good, and we might decide to take a short drive, are there any places like this near Duluth?

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            Probably the most underrated spot in Duluth is the Lakeview Castle Looks strange from the outside but I've had 2 very enjoyable meals there. Like a supper club most of the offerings are safe. I've had the LakeTrout and the small steak . Stay away from Fitgers unless your a beer geek. All the food I have had there was overcooked.

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              I love the wild rice burger at Fitgers! (Great choice for vegetarians or non-vegetarians).


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              If you don't mind driving across the bridge, The Shack in Superior is a genuine old-school supper club. I haven't been there since high school, but my parents love the steaks, walleye, and prime rib. It's their number-one special occasion place near Duluth.


            3. Another possibility would be the Boathouse in Superior. Just across the bridge. It's by the water. I've been there once at night, but it might have a nice view during the day. I wouldn't quite call it a supper club since it's maybe not quite that traditional. It's kind of upscale and a pleasant room.

              Here's there dinner menu:


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                We had a nice meal at the Boathouse on Barkers Island in Superior last weekend. I enjoy their lake trout. Very nice atmosphere.