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Apr 13, 2009 09:37 AM

Taco Trucks - weekdays Roosevelt ave?

I work was at the very southern tip of greenpoint ave so going up to the 80s and 90s is hard. I'd prefer to hear more about places closer to sunnyside (below 80th lets say. People have said the daytime truck at 46th (or around there) during the day is gross. Any other recs? Please don't bring up De Mole, I'm tired of it and think it's over rated (lets not have a war now). Trucks and carts only please, churros or tamales included. I read the sietsema article and others, but no one mentions weekday availability.

Ate a a truck on sunday on 63rd and roosevelt over by the jollibee. Beef was great, tongue bland was skippable, pastor was fine but would have preferred 3 of the beef, will have to go back cuz they had alot of other meats to offer. Are they around on the weekdays?


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  1. For Mexican in Sunnyside, I think Restaurant Azteca does a really good job. Their al pastor is very good, and one of the few places around that does a good version. The food at Azteca is much better than the stuff at the taco trucks on 46th St (or even the one on 40th and 52nd at night). Although the cemitas from Azteca aren't that good.

    Further up Roosevelt, the 63rd St truck is OK. The only decent thing I got there was the suadero tacos. You could try El Tequilero on 61st St, across from the post office. Decent tacos, but nothing earth-shattering.

    I'd say that your best bet is getting to 74th St. If the cart called Gallo Giro is around, it's worth getting the carne asada tacos. There's a taquero there who's quite the expert taco maker. But I never see them there when I want one. There's also the two competing carts in front of Roosevelt station. The food is comparable at each, and both pretty good (much better than the trucks in Sunnyside or the one by 63rd). But if you go one block farther the cart called El Pasito (though I've seen a banner with a different name recently) is my favorite of the carts around 74th St. But this is for tacos only, especially for carnitas. For most other things, you might as well grab something from Coatzingo if you're in this area. Coatzingo's main flaw seems to be it's inability to make good carnitas.

    If you're interested in carts at night, it's a whole different story.

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      EE - Are you up for doing a rundown on the evening carts?! I made the trip from Boston to try Tia Julia's on you rec (kidding!) - Great tip!

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        while we are on restaurants in sunnyside, just a quick little tip: I think there's a new place Lincoln Deli on 43rd street, right off roosevelt. It might not be new, just new signs and stuff.. took a look in there today - GReat looking roast pork and other things from the steam tables, daily specials - this is what I've been looking for in the neighborhood - other than tacolandia (which I am so suspect of) there isn't much like that I don't think.

        taco trucks. Yes, Pasito does go by another name. I went last night and had a suadero cemita. pretty damn good. I know it's pasito because the guy who does it speaks excellent english and is soo nice. They really take pride in what they do. they are sometimes around the roosevelt ave station.

        Here's the question: do they get a license for a specific intersection? how are we supposed to follow them?

        The only other one that I took notice to was one run by a couple of ladies and the cart had a butterfly painted on the back. I am always looking for that one, but cannot find it. They care about their food and it shows. I saw this in the late 80s or 90s along roosevelt.

        1. re: Jeffsayyes

          Lincoln Ave Deli has always been there, but the sign is new. A year or two ago a friend from the hood told me on saturdays or sundays they do a whole roast pig, and they've always had the steam table and the few chairs in the back. It looks like they're trying to sell up the food more so people realize they're not just another bodega. Still haven't eaten there yet though. The place next door, Amsterdam, is newish, replacing Chanita, I think it was called, which similarly was a confused american diner/coffee house with mexican food. I didn't like Chanita and haven't tried Amsterdam.

          1. re: Jeffsayyes

            i think el pasito is still el pasito. it's run by a mexican guy and his wife, who is from el salvador, and the food is really great over there. everything is fresh, and even though you are looking for tacos, i'd really recommend the quesadillas, for which they usually do the tortillas by hand. plus, they often have, as fillings, flor de calabaza (squash blossom) and huitlacoche, which is a very special "corn fungus."-- sounds a bit nasty, but trust me, it isn't.

            as for their location, if you don't see them right on roosevelt avenue, try checking just around the corner of 77th street, by the big blue nightclub. that's where they used to hang out last summer.

          2. re: E Eto

            Does Azteca put the pastor on the spit?

            I went by a few times after your recommendation a few weeks ago.
            Unfortunately, they were either out of pastor or merely cooking it on the griddle.
            On a Saturday afternoon, no less.

            1. re: Joe MacBu

              The al pastor spit is usually by the front window at Azteca. The seasoning is slightly different from Coatzingo's, and I find it a nice change of pace, since I think I've had an overload of al pastor from Coatzingo.

              1. re: E Eto

                Yes, I've seen the spit - just never in action.
                When have you seen it being used?

                1. re: Joe MacBu

                  Last week when I got an al pastor taco there, for instance. Weekday afternoon, I think.

            2. re: E Eto

              Which Azteca? I googled Azteca Roosevelt Ave Wodside and got the following.

              Azteca Restaurant on 92nd
              El Sol Azteca on 82nd
              Azteca Mex-Express on 79th
              El Rey Azteca on 62nd
              Azteca on Greenpoint and 47th

              Are your referring toAzteca Restaurant or El Rey Azteca? Those are the only sunnyside ones, unless 62nd st is woodside.

              1. re: 2slices

                Azteca Restaurant on Greenpoint/47th. Formerly known as Rincon Azteca.

                1. re: E Eto

                  oh cool, thats quite alot closer to me. How would this compare to Coatzingo? It's a rainy day and I'd like to sit down. I ate at the Haab yesterday and quite liked it.

                  I had: Pastor, Tongue, Carnitas and Beef. Unfortunately my favorite one I am not sure what meat it was. It was very fatty and tasted similar to tongue but didn't at all look like tongue that I've had.Anyway I liked them all very much, tho there was one meat that was very red with seasoning (perhaps the beef?) and that was a little too overseasoned for me, but definitely not bad. Tacos were only $2.25 and def better than the 63rd st truck (tho their beef was tops, their tongue sucked, oops pun). I find De Mole totally boring at this point. Thanks for the recs.

                  Haab Mexican Cafe
                  47-22 48th Ave, Queens, NY 11377

                  1. re: 2slices

                    I should note that I'm only talking about the al pastor at Azteca that is in the same league as Coatzingo. I've tasted several other things there, but most items are not that good, or carelessly made. What is good, and I find this at many of the Mexican places on Roosevelt that have them, are the items in the steam table, mostly meats simmering in a chile-based stew. That said, I'm not crazy about eating in at Azteca. I usually get stuff to go. Tacos are generally $.50 higher than in Jackson Heights (or the trucks/carts).

                    1. re: E Eto

                      thanks. pastor was good tho it came from the fridge, understandable on a day like today. I know what u mean about not eating in there, the jukebox is blasting and there are no lights. Anyway tacos were good, i liked the beef and the cecina too. I paid $2.50 each.