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Apr 13, 2009 09:35 AM

Do you crave strong flavours?

I love strong flavours - chillis, anchovies, garlic, blue cheese etc. - and am wondering whether Chowhounds in general are like me in this respect. I do appreciate subtlety too, but a few days of of bland food leaves me craving a hit of something with more punch.
Does a like (or need) for powerful tastes help define 'Chowhound'?

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  1. Yes, salty, vinegary, hot, pungent and sour foods are what I crave. I seem to have been born without a sweet tooth...

    1. I'm the same way -- love big, bold flavors! My cooking is anything but suble. I use a lot of garlic, because I want to taste it. Not just hints of stuff. Same with chilis. It's got to be HOT.

      In restaurants, super-subtle stuff is often wasted on me. I find it bland.

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      1. re: linguafood

        I'm like you and Sean. No sweet tooth. Love bold flavors. Sometimes wonder if my taste buds are fading. Tons of garlic, hot peppers, anchovies, vinegar - anything but bland.

        1. re: bayoucook

          Ditto, but not much sweet. A little chocolate here and there, but good chocolate. A good chocolate brownie, small piece of chocolate cake, baklava, but not just frostings, cakes, jelly roles, etc. Do like a good chocolate chip now and then, but spicy, hot, garlic, vinegar, anything like that. Love big flavors.

      2. i'm an acid & heat freak. i'll take spicy or sou over sweet any day.

        not salt, though. i'm super-sensitive to it and overly salty foods nauseate me.

        1. I really think it depends. I generally love strong flavors, but sometimes my body just craves something bland, especially when I'm not feeling too hot. I remember after two weeks of gorging on spicy, salty, sour highly-seasoned food in Thailand, eating the more delicately seasoned food in Vietnam was a welcome sigh of relief.

          I don't think the like or need for stronger flavors defines what a Chowhound is as I'm sure one can argue that those who always need strong flavors lacks the tastebuds to appreciate the subtle stuff. I think craving stronger flavors or more subtle flavors is just a preference.

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          1. re: Miss Needle

            I agree - sometimes only mashed potatoes will do - but the rest of the time I love salty/spicy/acid/charred foods. Bitter not so much.
            I do like sweet things, but can happily eat nothing sweet for weeks at a time. Chocolate does not call my name, but a hunk of Stilton certainly does.

          2. I'm the same way - love vinegary, fishy, strong flavors - assam laksa (Malaysian sour fish soup) is one of my favorite foods hands down. But I tend to think it's to my detriment as a chowhound, as i often have trouble discerning more subtle flavors in foods. I wonder which came first, though - do I like strong flavors because i can taste them clearly and perhaps don't experience them as strongly as others might?