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Apr 13, 2009 09:30 AM

Lunching at Church and Bloor

I work right at Church and Bloor. I'm tired of the neighbourhood standards Spirits Bar, Gourmand, Focaccia, et al.
I'm a little bit of a foodie and need an injection of flavour and excitement into my week.

Does anyone out there in Chowland have any suggestions? I'm looking for take-out or 45 minute max in-and-out meals. Keep it in the area, but I'm willing to do some walking.
If it comes with a recommendation, I'm willing to try anything.

Please help!

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  1. Craft Burger at Yonge & Cumberland, Mela Italian vegetarian at on Yorkville at Yonge across from Crepes A Go Go.

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    1. re: ChalkBoy

      At the Cumberland food court, I like Roasty Jacks for their roast turky - fresh everyday. Upstairs there's a Korean place where you can pick from a buffet of homemade Korean dishes (priced by the container).

      At Bloor just west of Church there is IchiRiki which is authentic Japanese, although their wasabi usage can be a bit inconsistent. On Charles east of Yonge is Tokyo Kitchen, good for their rice dishes. Patio is nice in the summer (would be even better when the construction next door is done!)

      Mela is a bit boring if you're not into organic vegetarian.

      1. re: Teep

        i second tokyo ktichen
        fantastic lunchtime food at a great price
        i had maggie's brunch net door to tokyo kitchen and it was just okay. Nothing to write home about but I don't think there's anything quite with the same menu in the area (eggs benny, omelets, etc)

        Oja has half-decent korean food on yonge

        The Caribbean place attached to greenwin square (it has it's own entrance on the west side of the building under the apartment block) is fantastic.

        1. re: CoffeeAddict416

          If you have a yen for organic vegetarian Persian food, try Camros Organic Eatery, which is at 25 Hayden Street (a block or so south of Bloor, east of Yonge) It isn't much of a restaurant per se, but I think they have a bar and some stools, if you want to eat in. Otherwise, it's basically takeout.

          1. re: 1sweetpea

            Do try Esther's Soup Kitchen (Cumberland Shopping Mall) at 2 Bloor St West. Take away or there are a few tables to eat in. I think they also make stew, curry and chili but I've never had them. The soup rocks.

            Yummy. And lovely ladies working there.

            1. re: IndigoAttila

              One time I had "chicken noodle soup" at Esthers. It was basically a clear chicken broth, they add some precooked pasta, and some green leafy herb on top. Didn't like it at all. Much prefer the version at Simply Zoup, half block south of Yonge and Bloor - chock full of chicken and veggies.

    2. If you have enough time to walk there, do try the Okonomi House on Charles at Bay. The food is mainly Osaka- style okonomiyaki (basically thick, eggy pancakes stuffed with meat or seafood. Modest little place, but they've been doing the same thing since 1979, so you know it's got to be good. And it's cheap, most items are about $6-7, and the single most expensive item is $10.99.

      1. Fire on the East Side has a yummy lunch menu.

        6 Gloucester Street