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Apr 13, 2009 09:04 AM

Vegetarian Friendly Recommendations?

I am visiting Chicago this weekend with 2 of my meat-eating friends (I am a vegetarian, but I do eat fish...).

I would like to find a few restaurants (breakfast, lunch and dinner!) that will suit us all.

We are staying at the Palmer House, and will be taking in a Cubs game. Giordano's is on the agenda... Any other thoughts that will have options for all?

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  1. It's 2009 and you're visiting a large metropolitan area. You'd be hard-pressed to find a place that doesn't have vegetarian options -- all the more so if you eat fish. Even places that specialize in meat (e.g. Mado, Publican) will handily accommodate non-meat-eaters.

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      Well, it doesn't sound like you're a strict vegetarian so I agree with Ferret, I am sure you will find something and almost any restaurant. If you want to make sure you're food isn't cooked in butter/lard or you don't eat eggs and need an egg free breakfast then you'll want some recommendations. I also think there are some great meat free restaurants for you and your meat eater friends to check out, I hope they can go a meal without meat.

      Here are some of my favorite places:

      Ras Dashen - dinner
      Located up on the north side of the city but well worth it lots of veggie and meat options

      Pick Me Up Cafe (near wrigley field) meat/veggie

      The Chicago Diner (Near Wrigely Field) Meat free/they serve eggs -also offer lunch/dinner

      Uncommon Ground (very close to Wrigley Field) - also offer lunch/dinner meat/veggie if you eat eggs

      Handle Bar (in Wicker Park, west side of the city) - also offer lunch/dinner meat/veggie

      Bongo Room (Wicker Park) meat/veggie if you eat eggs

      Toast (just north of downtown in Lincoln park) - Breakfast/Lunch (meat/veggie if you eat eggs)

      1492 (Tapas) - downtown dinner (meat/veggie)

      Vongs Thai Kitchen (dinner, maybe lunch?) downtown meat/veggie

      Star of Siam (dinner, maybe lunch) downtown meat/veggie

      Have fun!!!!!

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        Thanks Gweck! Ethiopean is a great idea - hard to find good Ethiopean near Philadelphia.

        1. re: marcia131

          No prob! If you go to Ras Dashen on a Friday, they have live music and they also take reservations which I would recommend you make cause they can get pretty busy on the weekend!
          I forgot to put that Pick Me Up Cafe, Uncommon Ground, Handle Bar and Bongo Room all of breakfast in addition to lunch and dinner. Just call for hours before you go.


    2. I agree. There are many, many restaurants that will accommodate your pescetarian needs - basically just about any place in town!

      For breakfast recommendations near the Palmer House Hilton, see:

      For lunch recommendations near the Palmer House Hilton, see:

      For dinner recommendations near the Palmer House Hilton, see:

      For cheap eats recommendations near the Palmer House Hilton, see:

      For late night recommendations near the Palmer House Hilton, see:

      The closest Giordano's location to the Palmer House Hilton is at 223 W. Jackson, southwest of the hotel (although the location at 135 E. Lake, northeast of the hotel, isn't much further). The closest location to Wrigley Field is at 1040 W. Belmont, half a mile from the ballpark.

      Enjoy your visit!