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Apr 13, 2009 08:37 AM

Penang: Indian-style fried noodles

This little stall serves simply the best Indian-Muslim style "mee goreng"/fried noodles in Penang. The noodles are topped with a generous dollop of very spicy but outrageously tasty chillied squid!! One taste virtually sent me to culinary nirvana, though the chilli sauce which bathed the noodles burnt like hell!

Hameed Mee Sotong @ Fort Cornwallis
Kota Cornwallis, Penang

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  1. To get to Hameed Mee Sotong stall mentioned above, drive to the old 18th-century Fort Cornwallis (you won't get lost - anyone in town can point you in the right direction), park at the Fort Cornwallis public carpark right opposite the Penang Legislative Council buildings. The covered food court is situated just outside the fort's walls and under a huge Angsana tree - you won't miss the crowd sitting around waiting for their "mee goreng". Best time to go there (if you're not in a hurry) is around 3pm. If you do go at lunch-time, be prepared to wait for up to one hour for your plate of delicious fried "mee goreng"!

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      Can read more - a fabulous write-up on Hameed's on Eating Asia, with photos, on 21 Jan 2009's entry:

      I agree - Hameed's mee goreng beats Edgecumbe Road mee goreng hands-down (mainly due to the chilli sotong/squid topping) :-)

      1. re: penang_rojak

        Love Eating Asia food blog - Robyn's the BEST writer there is! Her inclusion of the glum-faced "loh bak" guy at Kheng Pin coffeeshop (corner Penang Rd/Sri Bahari Rd) is spot-on. His food is fabulous.

    2. I tried this placea couple of years ago. There's also a very good chendol & ice kachang stall there which go very well with the mee goreng - the icy cold desserts counteract the heat from the mee goreng.

      There is also a stall selling spicy fried rice Malay-style, wrapped in egg omelet. But everyone goes to Fort Cornwalis for Hameed's I guess.