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Apr 13, 2009 07:43 AM

German Cookware?

Does anyone have any suggestions for quality cookware that is made in Germany?

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  1. Chantal cookware is one German-made line that I am aware of; I have a few pieces that have served me well for many years and I'd buy them again in a heartbeat should the need arise. Berndes is another German-made line that produces quality cookware. I have no personal experience with Berndes but have read of many others' favorable experiences with the brand.

    1. As janniecooks points out, Berndes is an excellent line of cookware. However, the packaging of at least some of the Berndes lines now says, "Designed in Germany, Made in China." Out of curiosity, I must inquire, why are you especially interested in German-made cookware, when some of the best cookware in the world (Demeyere, Falk) is made in Belgium, just to the west of Germany, and in Finland (Hackman/iittala), north of Germany (and some even in France, right across the Maginot Line)?

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        Politeness - We're in Germany now and I'd like to take something German home with us when our stay is over. Everywhere I've lived in the world I've brought home native cookware with me. It's a bulky collection...

      2. Fissler is the best German Cookware that I've found. I have the new Solea line and I love it! The coolest part about the Solea line is that the lids hook onto the side of the pan and sort of prop up so that the condensation drips back into the pot and not on your counter or your stove. Fissler stuff is kind of expensive but it's soooo worth it. I ordered mine from