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Apr 13, 2009 07:12 AM

Beauty Bar

I am attending a NJ girl bachelorette party this friday and they have chosen to go to the beauty bar. Now, Ive lived in the city for 12 years and have heard of and seen this place but have never been in. What am i in store for.

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  1. As they do not serve food at Beauty Bar, you will probably have some trouble finding an answer on this site.

    1. The one on 14th Street? It's just a bar. No food. In the back there's a room they use for DJ's and parties on the weekends and busy week nights. It's nothing special.

      1. Beauty Bar is a fun spot, reasonably priced drinks, very good music. On some nights you can get a manicure with your beverage. It can get VERY crowded, but it's not that unpleasant even then, because the patrons are generally friendly and laid back. It's not a big place, so if you're going with a large group during prime time, you might be a little uncomfortable.

        @ davisready: PDT, Pegu, Milk & Honey et al. are discussed here all the time. And not because of the food they serve.

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        1. re: small h

          A fine if not uninspired choice. I can tell you it will be crowded on a Friday night.

          1. re: small h

            Yes, but PDT, Pegu and Milk & Honey all serve expertly crafted high-end cocktails, whereas Beauty Bar is just a dive. I love Beauty Bar, but I just think it's funny too see it on a website such as this.

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              Hi all. Brief note: Please keep the focus here on good food and drink in Manhattan. Thanks!

              1. re: davisready

                I didnt know they did not serve food; which is why it was posted here.

            2. Interesting concept, but I hated it. Long lines for drinks.


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              1. re: LeahBaila

                So-so drinks, hipster crowd, smells like nail polish. Not my idea of fun.

                1. re: ukitali

                  It's a dive bar, in the East Village, that give manicures. You else would you expect? Some people like it and others don't but it is as advertised.

                  1. re: KTinNYC

                    Manicures! Interesting. I've never seen that before. But I haven't been there in over 10 years.

                    To the OP -- as I haven't been there in a decade, my information is out of date. But what others say about it being a dive bar is true. No food. Drinks are not at the level of something like Pegu, but I think you'll probably have a good for time at the bachelorette party.

                    1. re: Miss Needle

                      Miss Needle, you probably just went at the wrong time. Right when Beauty Bar opened the original owner of the beauty parlor, I believe her name was Flo, use to give manicures. There was even a special, manicure plus martini for $10 or something. She was there for several years but I stopped going to BB when it became over-run.