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Apr 12, 2009 11:54 PM

Late Dinner Thurs. Near DuPont Circle

My wife and I will be coming to town this Thursday (from LA). We're staying at the Hotel Palomar near DuPont Circle (2121 P street, to be precise). I know that there are a lot of restaurants in the area, but I'm hoping that you DC hounds can steer us to something specific. We probably won't get to the hotel until around 9:00 p.m., so we need someplace that will still be open and serving dinner, within a 5 minute walk. Preferably something Italian, French bistro, or seafood. Not terribly fancy, and if we could keep the food portion of the bill around $75 for two (or less!), that would be fantastic. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Mourayo - Greek and seafood- FANTASTIC (connecticut ave, north side of dupont)
    Bistro Du Coin - French Bistro (next door to mourayo)
    Pesce - seafood (P Street)
    Firefly - continental (New Hampshire)

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    1. re: sashab10

      second mourayo. oh god. please go here.

      1. re: sashab10

        I totally love Firefly, but do not love Bistro du Coin. 2nd the rec for Pizzeria Paradiso.

        Also kind of depends on the atmosphere you want.

        1. re: Pool Boy

          I 3rd Bistro Du Coin. Also Pizza Paradisio is right near your hotel and might be a good place if you want to grab a gourmet pizza and some craft beer.

        2. Thanks for the quick replies thus far. I did a couple of searches on the board, and a few of these places have come up frequently. Of course, places can change hands, chefs can leave, etc., so it's nice to have updated info. Bistro du Coin and Pesce both look particularly appealing; I'll investigate Mourayo as well. A couple of other places that I've read about: Sette Osteria and Hank's Oyster Bar. Are these still recommended as well?

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          1. re: Jack Flash

            I still recommend Hank's Oyster Bar. And I like Sette Osteria, although I haven't been there in over 6 months.

            1. re: Elyssa

              Hank's is farther than 5 minutes away and there are a lot of great (better?) options closer by.

          2. I'm staying at the Palomar tomorrow w/ my father and we're trying to find a place within walking distance that is great. What did you guys figure out was your best bet. Mourayo sounds the best so far....i'm curious what you decide on

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              within walking distance, in my opinion, that is the best. there are tons of great restaurants here and fantastic suggestions from some of the other posters, but i think as far as being close to your hotel mourayo is the best.

              1. re: Derek Bugley

                My personal favorite in that area is Obelisk. It is an Italian price fix menu that is delicious. Reservations usually made in advance, but I did call once and get a reservation the next day for a party of two (as they had a cancellation) so it is always worth a try.

                1. re: Derek Bugley

                  I know you already posted on this board, but are you now looking for places close to your hotel? Pesce is good if you want fish, also Sette Osteria is pretty good. You can walk downtown for some "proper" steakhouses. However, you should look at your thread you posted at for suggestions.

                2. Al Tiramisu is the best Italian restaurant in the city, and it's a block from the Palomar. As long as you stay away from the notoriously priced specials, you can definitely get in under your threshold. It's a wonderful date spot - great place for dinner for a couple, or two friends.