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Apr 12, 2009 09:44 PM

Chile Relleno de Tamal de Huitlacoche

This was the special tonight at La Casita Mexicana It was a huge roasted pasilla chile. In the middle was a stuffing of a tamale with panela cheese in the center. The huitlacoche (some call it Mexican truffles) was blended into the masa with whole kernals of Mexican corn sprinkled throughout. The chile blanked the tamale and gave it a delicious flavor. It was resting in a light jitomate sauce. Over the top was a spoonful of Mexican crema and a thin slice of red onion. I've never had anything like it. Can you imagine the taste of a freshly made tamale sitting inside a chile instead of a corn husk?
Also on the specials tonight was a Pescado Tamarindo. It was so simple, gently sautéed with a dollop of tamarind sauce. I could'a cried... both of these dishes were that good. Chef Ramiro was so gracious as to share his recipe with me.
When I die and go to heaven, I want St. Peter to say, "our angels have been busy in the kitchen, which plate would you prefer first?"

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  1. ooh, please post the recipes on the home cooking page!