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Apr 12, 2009 07:22 PM

Looking for great Chinese delivery in Philly

I currently work at the American Red Cross at 700 Spring Garden Street . And I am looking to wow some of my co workers with really good Chinese . But it needs to be delivered as we have short lunch breaks . So , any help you all can give me will be greatly appreciated .

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  1. for good to very good chinese delivery, i would go with green garden at 10th and locust. they also have pretty good japanese food and sushi too. out of any chinese delivery in the city, i would say they are the best, but it is still delivery and not piping hot fresh.

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      My experience with Square on Square's delivery has been very positive at dinnertime--their timing is spot on, and the food is hot when we get it. No particular favorites--just good Chinese food in general. Ask for specials.

    2. I like Szechuan Tasty House, on Arch bet 9th and 10th.

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        ooh, i didn't know they delivered! definitely a worthy suggestion.

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          As far as I know... I'l admit my bf and I, living in Chinatown a year or so ago - would order delivery from there from a block away! I'm in QV now and I'm pretty sure I've ordered down here and gotten delivery with no problems.

      2. Suzanna Foo now delivers. Delicous!!