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Apr 12, 2009 05:55 PM

Nyack - non-chain dinner for family

I'll be attending a family reunion in the area a month from now and we'll be staying in Nyack Friday and Saturday nights. What would be a good inexpensive to moderate place to have dinner with my wife and two boys under 10? No real limitations on type of food, just need a place that won't be too much of a bar scene, although we hope to eat early (before 6:30).


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  1. First of all, Nyack itself has almost no chain restaurants--apart from a Starbucks, a Black Bear Saloon (small regional chain/frat boy bar) and now a Subway, everything else in town is chain free

    O'Donoghues's, aka O'D's, comes immediately to mind for your needs. It's a bar, but an extraordinarily family-friendly one. General pub-grub that's better than usual; they're particularly known for terrific house-made desserts and hand-cut fries, regular and sweet potato. I'm a fan of the veggie burger, a soft, lentil-heavy house-made patty. Check the website ( for the menu. Service is friendly and efficient.

    Even more modestly priced is Temptations, a little cafe in the back of an ice cream parlor, with casual fare--light entrees, sandwiches, salads, wraps, etc., but often sketchy service. The same owners have Lulu's Cafe a few miles away in West Nyack, with a similar menu but a cozy, retro decor.;

    Another option might be Reality Bites. If your kids aren't big eaters, they might enjoy a sampling of the "reality bites" canapes.

    There are also a number of ethnic places that might fit your needs: Murasaki for Japanese, Thai House or King & I for Thai, Tarantella (more of a Pizza joint, but decent food served at tables in the back) for Italian, Spice for Indian, etc.

    Note that with the exception of Lulu's, all of these are within easy walking distance of each other, along with a heap of other restaurants, some of which are pricier than those I've mentioned and might be better date-night than family dinner options (although you will see children at Hudson House, Velo, etc.) So, especially if you're eating early, you can park, stroll, and see what looks good. When you park, take note of Nyack's muni meter system, though--just because there isn't a meter directly in front of your parking space doesn't mean you don't have to pay a meter.

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      Thank you, this is exactly the type of info i was looking for!

    2. I would also try the Olde Village Inne in Main Street. It's just a basic pub and although it does have a bit of a bar scene, it is perfectly acceptable for family dining earlier in the evening.
      You can also try Bourbon becomes a HUGE bar scene at night, but if you eat there early enough, it should be fine.
      Good luck.

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