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Apr 12, 2009 05:01 PM

Red Red Bank, NJ

We like this place. The service is always professional. The food is very good. We like the hangar steak very much, but they recently removed it from the menu. We usually go early in the evening (6:30ish). It gets pretty crowded later on the weekends.

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  1. Good bar menu now, with cheaper prices. Happy hour pricing all day Thursday. Half-price wine bottles Tuesday.

    1. Enjoyed the place and I posted a review about the place back in Feb and here is the link.

      I definitely agree that an early dinner is a good choice!

      1. Never been there, I'm looking to make it a stop sometime this week. Any Suggestions? Anything to stay away from?

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          The cheese platter is quite nice if you are dining with a few friends. Just something to start off! We had a few good meals there and written in more detail on another post. Here is the link

          Hope that you have a great meal!

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            So I went on Monday night and it was.. DEAD! No one in the place. Our server was very good. I had the Beer battered oysters with chipotle corn salsa which was warm and a bit creamy. The oysters were sightly soggy, may have been sitting a while. And while the corn salsa had good chipotle flavor, I was slightly turned off by the corn. Defiitely looked like it was out of a can, which this time of year is a sin with such great sweet jersey corn. My friend had the Lamb Lolipops which he enjoyed, but I really didnt get. Entrees were good, he had scallops and vanilla poached fennel and I had the short ribs which were good, though I thought the crust on the outside was a little overdone they had a slight burned taste to them. The Mustard potato salad was tasty, though I didnt see how it fit with the dish and the grilled leeks were perfect!. Dessert wasnt so good. The trio of ice creams were very tasty, but came to find out that they were bought. (anyone can open a container and scoop ice cream, I want the homemade variety) and my Peanut Butter mousse was sour tasting. Not sure if it had sour cream, or it was old, but along with the plain chocolate covered cookies for $7, it lacked some finesse. I'd bet money that Red doesnt have a Pastry Chef, and if they do, they need a new one. The desserts are simple, unimpressive and downright boring. Chocolate chip cookies with Ice cold milk for $7. I'm willing to bet that mom makes them better.

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              Sorry to hear that some of the food was not up to par! I have to agree that chocolate chip cookies should not cost you $7....and I am sure that Mom makes them better!

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I've had many good meals there. Red is quite good and reliable and not too expensive. I love the hanger steak with the blue cheese...also the lamb sliders to start with (I hope they're still on the menu).