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Apr 12, 2009 04:53 PM

Bottle shop that carries sake / nihonshu in Sydney?

I am hoping someone can point me to a bottle shop that carries sake in Sydney. My SO has been living in Sydney for the last 5 years (while I've been in NYC), and we have never been able to purchase sake outside of restaurants in Sydney. Granted we did not try very hard, since our current system has been working well enough. Usually, I just bring (or if he's in town, he brings back) bottles from the shops here in NY. But I will be moving to Sydney for a year or so next month, and we would like a more convenient way to buy sake without having to go out to a restaurant/bar or travel. The areas in between the CBD, Newtown, and Leichhardt are the areas that are currently convenient for us (but knowing my SO, he will be willing to travel for sake). Thank you in advance!!

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  1. hey IT. Apparently there are 2 places in Chinatown in the CBD and also over at Tokyomart in Northbridge (maybe a little far away...). Ill get more specific info and get back to you.

    1. You could buy Australian Sake - It may sound strange but it is an Australian company that exports to Japan. Apparently it is very well respected -

      They also do tours -

      1. I appreciate your responses, brunelleschi and PhilD! It's good to know at least if we try to look for it, it's possible.

        1. * Ultimo Wine Centre
          * Chinatown Cellars near Paddy's Markets

          Very Good: Sato no Homare, Masumi, Ginban
          Good: Otokoyama, Kubota, Bishonen, Hakkaisan

          If you want to go to restaurants, Azuma Regent has a great sake list.

          Very Good: Matsu no Tsukasa, Nechi Otokoyama, Sato no Homare
          Good: Dassai, Kubota

          Toko and Busshari have good lists. Busshari updates theirs reasonably often.

          1. The bottle-shop in Northbridge Plaza (where Tokyo Mart is) also sells sake

            It fronts Sailors Bay Rd (across the arcade from Sushi Joy & Woolworths)