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Apr 12, 2009 04:04 PM

Where to buy fresh starter?

Just wondering if anyone knows where I can buy starter for bread in Toronto. I've looked into recipes but am not into waking up every 4 hours to feed it.


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  1. I looked around a bit, but decided it wasn't worth it. You don't need to feed it every 4 hours. Twice a day is the most you should need and most of the time, one a day suffices. I started with rye flour and tap water, but then switched to unbleached white flour once it was going.

    One other time, after my son had shared a Chimay beer with a friend, I rinsed the yeast from the bottom of the bottle to get a great starter going in only a days!

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    1. re: OTFOODIE

      The recipe i wanted to try said to feed it every four hours for a month, then it went to once a day after that point.

      If you have a recipe that doesn't use any yeast and only requires a once a day feeding, i would love to have it! Thanks for the tips.

    2. Folks, please keep this thread focused on where to buy starter in Toronto. If anyone has recipes to share, please post them on the Home Cooking board.

      1. Have you tried going to a bakery and asking if they'll sell you some starter. If they say no, ask them where you could find some.

        I'm trying to grow my own.


        1. If you hit a wall locally, you could always order online. Check out, this guy is a genius in the field and has a ton of famous strains available for sale.

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            Just keep in mind that no matter where your strain comes from, eventually it will become a Southern Ontario starter. The local yeast and bacteria will move in and take over.


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              Thanks for all the suggestions! I will try some local bakeries but i am not sure i like anyone's bread enough. This website looks great, that also makes sense about the local bacteria. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!

              1. re: albanis

                Don't worry about their bread. A starter is a starter is a starter. In any given region anyway. So it's all about the age of it and the recipe used. The more mature a starter the better it tastes supposedly.