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Lunch in Long Island $12 Limit

will be working all over Long Island daily during the next few months scouting locations mostly in Nassau and a little bit of western Suffolk. I have a 12 dollar limit on the meal they will reimburse me for. Please give me the best possible meals anywhere around North shore or south. Acceptance of Amex a huge plus (Company Card)

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  1. First off, you'll be ON, not IN Long Island. Just sayinzall. :-) In Huntington village, look up Faz's Tex Mex and Oaxaca. Tex Mex is unbelievably cheap, but not sure about Amex.
    Or try a gyro or souvlaki at Meditteranean snack bar for Greek or Kozy Kettle for homemade soups and wraps, they're very fresh and excellent.

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      gotcha I actually grew up in that area (northport) but live in Brooklyn now. Another good spot in Huntington is the sushi place Osaka on Main St (25A). They have lunch specials that come to $12 and under and take Amex. Sushi is really solid and fresh. And then there is the perennial fallback choice, almost everywhere in Long Island, Green Cactus...

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        If you want another good sub 12$ meal in Huntington, don't forget the full-wrap special at European Republic. You get your choice of wrap (they're all excellent), a soda, a cone of belgian style fries, and a dipping sauce - all for 8-9$ great deal!

    2. Azerbaijan Grill in Westbury has great lunch specials for under $12. Good food, too.


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        Azerbaijan Grill has great food in LARGE quantities for a reasonable price. If you have lunch there, you may not want dinner.


      2. Pollo El Paisa has great rotisserie chicken for unbelievable prices and doable for $12.00. It is on Old Country Road in Westbury. I know they take credit cards, but not sure about Amex.

        1. Angelina's II on Berryhill Road in Syosset has a great $12.95 prix fix lunch.

          1. Sabroso Dominican Restaurant
            224 E Meadow Ave
            East Meadow, NY 11554
            (516) 307-1750


            1. Zim Zari California Coastal Grill
              Live Free... East Coastal!

              "Zim Zari is freedom.
              It’s calling in to work and heading for the ocean.
              Ordering boat drinks while in the middle of the city. Wearing shorts on a weekday.
              Zim Zari is more then just a restaurant. Zim Zari is camaraderie. "

              Zim Zari California Coastal Grill
              4964 Merrick Rd
              Massapequa Park, NY 11762
              (516) 809-6960

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                OK, second time in about two days that you posted about Zim Zari. You sure you're not working for them?

                I still think they're pretty awful.

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                  everyone is entitled to their opinion. I happen to dislike steakhouses, especially pompous ones. and yet they are very busy eateries. even without me (or a chef in the kitchen ;-). I happen love southern food / soul food, but dislike LL Dent, despite that they are busy and have their own following and stuartlafonda (LOL).
                  the OP asked for "$12 limit". Zim Zari fits the bill. and nicely at that. perhaps a $5 sun burnt steak burrito would be in order since your take out tacos didn't please you? I'm just trying to help.

                  and FWIW, All American Drive-In has cheap road side burgers that fit the OP query and the Double Double is very much liked by many, myself and stuartlafonda included... ;-)

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                    Hey, how did I get involved in this :) Yes I do really like LL Dent and don't know a better soul food restaurant on the Island. Never been to Zim and yes, A.A. is an all time favorite that certainly fits the original post. I find A.A. is a place people either love or don't get and see it as just another fast food hamburger joint.
                    As for Sabrosa, looks interesting. Not far from my long time favorite Dominican spot on the corner of Uniondale and Front, Dominican Diner. If you have been to both, how do they compare? I love mofongo, have you had it at Sabroso?

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                      Hey Stu, I called you out cause I like your posts...
                      I've been to both Sabroso and Dominican Diner. Sabroso is a take out spot while Dominican Diner does both take out and sit down wait service. I've had the mofongo at Sabroso with pernil and it's good, but I haven't had it at Dominican Diner yet to compare. The Sabroso version made with plantain not yuka and all mixed together, not layered. I will say that the Sabroso version and others I've tried do not compare to what I've had in DR or PR, but that's neither here nor there...
                      I do like the family meal at Sabroso. Large portions for 4 people for about $20... And the lunch portions available all day and night at $6.95 are enough for two or good for lunch and dinner for one.

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                      Agreed about de gustibus non est disputandum; the thing that caught my eye about your postings was that most mentions of restaurants don't quote the marketingspeak from the "About" page on the restaurant's website.

                      Steakplaces don't call to me, though I don't know if I'd lump that quite into "dislike." My strong negative reaction towards Zim Zari, OTOH, wasn't due to a single bad experience--I'd never lambaste a restaurant based on one incident. Rather, I've been there three times, and each time they ranged from "meh" down to horrible.

                      LL Dent: have had overall just fine experiences there, but nothing I haven't had that was as good or better elsewhere. In short, again I don't dislike the place but I'm not motivated to make a return visit.

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                        Agreed on Zim Zari nothing special. House of Dosas or Chennai Dosas in Hicksville, The Orient in Bethpage for dim sum, Rolling Spring Roll in Farmingdale, El Sabor Dominicano in Freeport, Ginza in Massapequa for sushi all good under $12 lunch spots in Nassau.

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                          sdambr, have you been to Tai Show in Massapequa? It's a favorite of a friend of mine. I have only been once a few years ago.

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                            Yes many times, love some of the items there. Tuna tataki better there anywhere else. I find better sushi at Minami & GInza or a little further east at Rippongi, Copiage & Kotobuki.

                        2. re: Scott_R

                          the "marketingspeak" I added for a bit of humor and information. it's akin to my own rave of a place, but with better "speak" than I am capable of writing...

                          steakhouses and their ilk, like places that "specialize" in whole grilled fish, don't "call to me" either, mostly because I cook at home (GASP!) and those things are always better in my kitchen. It's so simple, so boring, I can teach a monkey how to broil a steak or grill a fish. (thanks Tony Bourdain). "OOOOUUUU, WOOOOW !!! a plain piece of broiled protein!" LOL!

                          I would like to again "suffer from fine dining fatigue" like I did when I worked in Manhattan, but on LI that's difficult to do, and with my more recent meals outside of home being mostly lunch alone I find myself seeking fast, tasty meals "on the go" where I can sit, eat and leave in a reasonable amount of time, and mostly, not break the bank.

                          This OP fits my needs as well. I'm sure I can get a great lunch in a "high end" restaurant, but the time needed to invest into that experience and the associated price tag is, at this time, prohibitive.
                          As Motosport stated in reply to the OP and I have hinted in my own replies, the Hispanic cuisine places offer good food at reasonable prices. I am not always in a place that has an Hispanic restaurant nearby and I have to find something else affordable.

                          Zim Zari has a $5 burrito day and it's just fine for $5. I don't recall ordering anything there that isn't a discounted special. Call me cheap, but I don't have someone else paying for my dining experience(s).

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                            Soul Food on Long Island? Please share. I got Manhattan covered but I would love something more local so Nassau would be great.

                    3. Funcho's in Riverhead and W Hampton Beach
                      Spicy's in Riverhead and Bellport
                      Food Truck @ No Fork Table has an amazing gourmet hot dog for $6

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                      1. Any of the Hispanic delis will suit your needs. Our local place has lunch specials in the $4 to 5 range.
                        2 pieces of chicken, rice and beans only $5.