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Apr 12, 2009 02:20 PM

Lunch in Long Island $12 Limit

will be working all over Long Island daily during the next few months scouting locations mostly in Nassau and a little bit of western Suffolk. I have a 12 dollar limit on the meal they will reimburse me for. Please give me the best possible meals anywhere around North shore or south. Acceptance of Amex a huge plus (Company Card)

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  1. First off, you'll be ON, not IN Long Island. Just sayinzall. :-) In Huntington village, look up Faz's Tex Mex and Oaxaca. Tex Mex is unbelievably cheap, but not sure about Amex.
    Or try a gyro or souvlaki at Meditteranean snack bar for Greek or Kozy Kettle for homemade soups and wraps, they're very fresh and excellent.

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      gotcha I actually grew up in that area (northport) but live in Brooklyn now. Another good spot in Huntington is the sushi place Osaka on Main St (25A). They have lunch specials that come to $12 and under and take Amex. Sushi is really solid and fresh. And then there is the perennial fallback choice, almost everywhere in Long Island, Green Cactus...

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        If you want another good sub 12$ meal in Huntington, don't forget the full-wrap special at European Republic. You get your choice of wrap (they're all excellent), a soda, a cone of belgian style fries, and a dipping sauce - all for 8-9$ great deal!

    2. Azerbaijan Grill in Westbury has great lunch specials for under $12. Good food, too.

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        Azerbaijan Grill has great food in LARGE quantities for a reasonable price. If you have lunch there, you may not want dinner.


      2. Pollo El Paisa has great rotisserie chicken for unbelievable prices and doable for $12.00. It is on Old Country Road in Westbury. I know they take credit cards, but not sure about Amex.

        1. Angelina's II on Berryhill Road in Syosset has a great $12.95 prix fix lunch.

          1. Sabroso Dominican Restaurant
            224 E Meadow Ave
            East Meadow, NY 11554
            (516) 307-1750