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Apr 12, 2009 02:12 PM

[London] Best brownies?

I did a search but wasn't able to find any previous thread which touched on this, so apologies if I somehow missed it.

Who does the best brownies in London?

I've tried brownies from Bullet, Flour Power City, Choc Star, Clarke's and Paul A. Young, but my personal favourite has got to be Konditor & Cook's Boston Brownies.

Just wondering if there're other shops out there which I've missed out on.

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  1. Is there any special reason they're called Boston Brownies? Maybe it's like that coffee called 'Americano?' :-)

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    1. re: zuriga1

      I'm not really sure myself!

      At first, I thought it was because K&C's brownies come with cranberries (the tartness of the berries go really well with the intense chocolate-y taste of the brownie), but wasn't able to find any reference to the berries when I Googled 'Boston brownies'. So, after trawling through a number of sites, I think I found the answer!

      Apparently, it's because the origin of the brownie has been traced back to Boston, at least according to The Nibble which states that the earliest published brownie recipe was in a Boston cookbook (

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        Thanks for that interesting tidbit. I bet most Americans, like myself, have no idea where brownies were first made. The famous chocolate chip cookies in the States used to be called Toll House Cookies, when I was young in the Dark Ages. Nestle made the chocolate chips. I think the cookies were named for someplace (maybe an inn) somewhere near Boston. Maybe those people were the original chocoholics!

    2. I really like the ones at Tsuru on Bankside, the best I've tried. I think they may get them off the guy in Borough Market...

      1. My husband is the brownie eater in our house - his favourites include Hummingbird (particularly their frosted brownie), Flour Power (although they are sometimes hit and miss) and Outsider Tart. I'd recommend trying the Hummingbird ones - I made a batch from their cookbook this weekend and they went down very well - very squishy and moist.

        1. I put money on St John's bakery at Bread and Wine on commercial st at winning the title!

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          1. re: mark2000uk

            Oh, wow, I hadn't heard that just yet. I live nearby so I'll give that a shot. I hope they do takeaways!

          2. I second that vote for Konditor and Cook. I'm lucky enough (although my waistline may not think so) to work about 1 minute away and they are my guilty pleasure afternoon snack. Crispy and soft and squishy in the right places. Although I prefer the classic to the Boston.
            And completely off topic - their sausages rolls are amazing!