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Apr 12, 2009 01:47 PM

40th birthday present

My bother is turning 40 next week and I'm thinking about getting him some food-related gift --perhaps a gift certificate to a restaurant or gourmet food store. He lives in Brooklyn and is a real foody. I live in Boston and could really use some help figuring out something special for him. Thanks

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  1. You don't mention how much you want to spend. But I would recommend a gift card for the Union Square Hospitality Group, the umbrella company for the very highly regarded Danny Meyer restaurants. They range from upscale to inexpensive. Thus, your brother can choose what he likes. The gift cards can be easily purchased on the USHG website.


    1. Second RGR's suggestion. I have also given the book Foie Gras a Passion (or something like that) as a gift. A gorgeous book. It's the story of Hudson Valley Foie Gras and then some . . .

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        I have that book, and the correct title you gave is correct. Yes, the book is gorgeous and has lots of recipes. If Beca's brother cooks, she could accompany the book with a ceramic terrine baking dish in which some of the recipes can be prepared. Also, she could give him a D'Artagnan gift certificate so he can purchase some foie gras. Or if not that, any of their other great products which are sold in many NYC shops and markets.

        Thinking in different direction, a gift baskets from Russ and Daughters, NYC's premiere appetizing store, would be another terrific option.

        Lamazou, the cheese and gourmet foods shop, does gift baskets.

      2. Or a gift certificate to the institute of culinary education! (I.C.E)

        1. or, if he likes wine, get him a gift certificate to Sherry Lehmann..v. good superknowledgeable staff and they now have a tasting room and classees in their new spot. Also, gift certificate to windows on the world wine tasting course or another one possibly at the culinary institute? This sort of is a variety of prices...what a great thought! you are a nice sister!

          1. If he lives in Brooklyn and considers himself a foodie, consider a gift certificate to Blue Apron, especially if he lives in Park Slope.

            One of my favorite stores in the world--amazing cheese and charceuterie counters and simply a pleasure to browse.