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Apr 12, 2009 01:10 PM

goat [Detroit Suburbs]

where can i find goat to buy or eat in the detroit suburbs area

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  1. there's a place in mexicantown that specalizes in goat stew.


    lemme see if I can find the address\name

    1. Irie in Canton has Jamaican curried goat, and it's good.

      Arab groceries often carry goat. You could probably order it at one near you even if they don't have it in stock on any given day.

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      1. re: Jim M

        I've never seen a Middle Eastern grocery of any size that didn't offer goat. It used to be dirt cheap until people found out about it; then the price went up. Now it costs the same as lamb.

        1. re: Chris Weber

          thanx for the info everyone.i live in los angeles where there are 100s of middle eastern markets and they dont sell goat.but it is easy to find at mexcan markets.

          1. re: yogacat

            This is the largest Mexican market in Detroit. It is in the city, not the burbs.


            Call 'em. I've never tried to buy cabrito there, but it's entirely possible they have it.

            1. re: Jim M

              I went there today and picked up some Beef Cheek :) ($2.50 a lb.)

              I saw that they sell them whole there and I also saw some "parts"...

              I did not take stock...just took note.

              1. re: JanPrimus

                One time I went to Taquería Arandas on Livernois. I believe it's not the same Taquería Arandas that's there now (but I'm not sure). They had both cheek and craw tacos on the menu, as well as a kind of taco described by a Spanish word I didn't recognize--I've forgotten what it was. I asked the waitress about it, and she said, "Oh, that one has a little of everything."

                It was actually pretty good.

                1. re: Jim M

                  Just a few weeks ago in Lansing I was at a taco trailer and ordered a beef cheek burrito and you know what....

                  It was by FAR the best burrito I have ever had.


                  Tonight's kitchen goal is attempt #1 at reproducing whatever they are making out there. Next visit I need to do a better inside to see what is inside. I had my eyes ever so closed in trance of a semi-orgasmic lustful affair with a forbidden fruit of the highest order.

      2. International Market at Long Lake and Dequindre- a nice middle eastern market with a great meat counter . Real butchers cutting cutting up real meat , right out in the open where you can see them . With the exception of the band saw , all butchering is done by hand , to order . A novel concept , no ? They had goat the last time I was there , have not purchased it myself , but the meat I have bought was of high quality and very reasonably priced .

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        1. re: GoalieJeff

          Long Lake and Dequindre? Or do you mean Agrusa at Rochester & LL?

          1. re: coney with everything

            Nope , not Agrusa . I just googleearthed it . It's Wattles and Dequindre , South east corner . Sorry about that .

            1. re: GoalieJeff

              I'll check it out next time I'm on that side of town, thanks!

              1. re: coney with everything

                I always get my lamb at Hassan Bros. on Long Lake, just east of Dequindre, cut to order. Sounds really similar to International market.

        2. dos hermanos mkt. in ypsi usually cooks goat on sat. you can buy it by the pound or get it in a taco or torta. a few korean places around here serve a goat stew

          1. there used to be a store in Canton (right off of Ford Rd)
            "Mr Goat" but it's closed maybe a year or 2 ago. if they moved to a different location, that could be the place!