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need some ice cream advice

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I've been struggling with home made ice cream. The other day I made a small batch of vanilla, much smaller than usual, and used 4 egg yolks. I was really happy with the texture that resulted, after chilling in the freezer overnight, it was still soft but somewhat firm.

So last night, I made chocolate, in basically the same way. Except after the night in the freezer, it's more like the consistency of a frozen mousse; it giggles in the bowl when you shake it.

The question I have is: how does the relationship between the egg yolks and volume of dairy effect the viscosity of finished ice cream? My target is firm, but soft enough to scoop. In the past, the problem has always been rock hard, and completely unable to scoop. Now it's just too soft. I should add, that my technique has been to cook it in a double boiler, until the liquid coats a wooden spoon.

I'm using a self-refrigerated machine, so no ice.

Thanks for the advice.

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