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Apr 12, 2009 12:16 PM

Quick dinner near Studio 54

We're going to "Waiting for Godot" on Wed. evening, and want to eat dinner first, but don't have much time. We also don't want to spend too much--around $25 p.p. We like Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Indian, Spanish, and traditional or new American. The theater is on 54 St. between B'way & 8 Ave. Anything nearby you could suggest? Thanks.

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  1. Uncle Nick's, on 9th, b/t 50th & 51st, for tasty Greek food. Presuming your stated $25pp is for food only, if you order carefully, you should be able to meet that budget. Menu on

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      I love Boca di Bacco for Italian. Their pastas are very good. Casual and moderate prices. Located on 9th Ave bet. 54th & 55th Streets. I have eaten there many times while seeing a show at Studio 54.

    2. Thank you both for your suggestions. We will try one of them.

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        On 54th and 9th, there's El Centro for some good Mexican food.

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          We ate there last this suggestion even though it was a few years old. Great meal! A little warm inside the restaurant but the doors were open (and not such a hot night for July). Food was really terrific; 2 small apps and 2 mains were perfect for us. Loved the spiced yogurt on everything and the table sauces. We had pumpkin with yogurt first that was so, so good, as were the spinach samosas. And meat not gamey at all like it can be at "ethnic" places. Really excellent pre-54 dinner, thanks for the suggestion.

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            You're welcome. I don't go as often anymore because there are other choices in the area that I enjoy, but I still like the place and find it very consistent.

        2. I'm still looking around. I noted both Ariana and Afghan Kebob House. Which do you think is better? Has anyone been to Basera? (It's Indian.) Thanks for your recommendations

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            I haven't been to the other kebab house in that neighborhood in ages, so I really couldn't give you a knowledgeable, current take on which one is better, nor could I tell you anything about any Indian restaurants in Hell's Kitchen.

          2. Caffe Cielo on 8th in the low 50's. I find the portions to be large and usually share a salad to start and then go onto a pasta, or do the opposite and start with a salad and share a pasta dish. It is a nice room and the service is good.