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Apr 12, 2009 11:28 AM

any way to fix pancakes that are mushy in the middle?

Hi All. I attempted to make a batch of whole wheat and oatmeal pancakes this morning and having making about a dozen of them when I sat down to taste them I saw they all had this mushy txture in the middle. The outsides are brown and I had flipped them when the bubbles started forming like the instructions stated so I thought they were cooked through.

So the question is is there any way to fix them now they are techinically "cooked" and all ready done? I suspect putting them back on the skillet now wont cook them more or will it? Also is microwaving them an option if I freeze them now and plan to eat them later?

Thanks for any advice. I really dont want to waste all those pancakes. :(

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  1. Time for a do-over. Pancake batter is cheap. The prep is easy. Try again.

    You could bake them, but they'd dry out. You could put them on the griddle again, but they'd probably end up unevenly crusty and overcooked. Toasting would be another idea. Stick them under the broiler?

    Do over. The 2nd time is always better.

    1. Bernal pretty much said it all, you really are best off just making fresh ones. but if you DO try to salvage them by baking, put them on a *light* sheet pan so they don't over-brown, and put a pan of steaming hot water on the bottom oven rack to help keep them from drying out too much.

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        Thank you both for your thoughts. I suspected starting over was going to be the right way to go. I guess I am just trying to be frugal as I used nuts, whole wheat flour and oatmeal in the batter and I agree it isnt a crazy $$$ failure I was hoping to save them somehow. Thanks again

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          another thought for salvaging them...dry them out a bit in the oven, and crumble or process into crumbs. then use as a base for bar cookies or a pie crust, or sprinkle over yogurt or ice cream. the crumbs will even freeze well if you don't want to use them immediately.

          oh, and good luck with the second batch of pancakes! i'd suggest turning down the flame a bit this time so the exterior doesn't brown too much before the inside is cooked all the way through.

      2. Leftover frozen pancakes are great in the toaster. I always make extra pancakes to freeze and toast later (it's a great, quick breakfast on the run). I think this technique would work well to finish cooking your mushy-middle pancakes.

        I wouldn't microwave the pancakes - I think they'd get tough and unhappy.


        P.S. My whole wheat-and-oatmeal pancakes always take much longer to cook through than white-flour pancakes. Next time, wait to flip until the bubbles have popped (open) and are completely "set" throughout the pancake. Patience, patience...