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Apr 12, 2009 10:59 AM

Maximilliens or Matts?

Opinions please.....Would like a dinner suggestion. Matts at the Market or Maximilliens (the less formal level).

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  1. Matt's is definitely the better restaurant.

    1. Matt's for the fabulous dinner and a good view. Maximilliens for the fabulous view and a good dinner.

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        Agree. Maximiliiens is great for a sunday brunch. For dinner, I'd hit Matt's. I love how they use various smoked fishes in their salads, among other things.

      2. apples and oranges - matt's is an extremely casual bistro with a small but quite imaginative menu and a wonderfully quirky locale; maximilien's (even the 'informal' level) is a french cafe with an extensive, well-done french menu, remarkable service and a stunning view

        1. Went to Maximillien on Saturday with 3 friends. All were disappointed with the food. The service was great, but the food a bit blah. I had a cassoulet that was simply flavorless. Too bad, was my one dinner in town this trip. Mussels were ok, perfectly cooked and plump, but also a tad on the neutral side of yummy.

          1. Matt's, by far. Or, if you want better French food with the same view - Place Pigalle. I'm not in love with Maximillien's.