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Apr 12, 2009 10:34 AM

Roasting rack for skillet

Does anyone know of a roasting rack that will fit inside a 12" skillet? I would like to try using a 12" cast iron skillet with a roasting rack for cooking small roasts/chickens rather than using my big roasting pan. It would make cleanup much easier and I could use the same pan on the stovetop for my pan sauce. Unfortunately I haven't been able to locate a rack small enough to fit. If anyone knows of one please let me know!

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  1. Oddly enough, I just bought something yesterday which should work for you. I needed a new rack for my boiling water canner as the one that came with it is garbage. Benardin is a Canadian company that I believe is tied to Ball in the US. They make canning mason jars and other things. Likely Ball will have this rack also.
    It comes with two racks, about 8" and 11 1/2". Has little footies to keep it off the bottom and hangers to hang from the side of the pot which you won't need. I will try to find a site that show a pic.

    Found one at Amazon. This is a single 12" They also have the double one. Ships from Canada so maybe Ball does not make it. Anyway, you have a starting point.

      1. The highest quality roasting rack I have is not really a roasting rack. It is a stainless steel trivet from Ikea. It's heavy duty enough that it could work as a bbq rack. It's also a lot easier to clean than most baking racks. Does a good job in a high oven in putting sear lines on meat.

          1. This is a really interesting thread. I use my big cast iron skillet to roast chickens, and I have to place a thin metal grid over the whole thing so it takes up a lot of height on the oven rack -- the depth of the skillet plus the chicken sitting on top of the grid. But it does give me tons of room to slice up onions and zucchini, carrot and bell pepper with the garlic to absorb the fat and drippings below.

            Of the three links so far, the first appears the most useful. It would take the chicken or other meat off of the hot floor of the skillet, allow the fat to drain away, and prevent burning. But no room for veggies. The second is a complex, expensive roasting rack. And the third looks to big to fit within the skillet, so it probably rests on top, and I worry about those rubber legs -- they will melt or at the best get really messy.

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              Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

              nosh I think I agree with your comments. The first one is closest to what I was thinking of. I would like something that sits securely within the pan so that theres no chance the roast could slide or fall off when I'm moving it.

              One thing that I was thinking about is how high the sides of the pan need to be. In other words, how deep the meat sits inside the pan. It seems that most roasting pans have pretty high walls, which I'm guessing helps to keep the dripping fat inside the pan and off the walls of the oven. I would like a rack that sits maybe 1/2"-1" off the bottom of the pan so that hopefully most of the fat will be contained within.

              I wonder what temperature the rack that billieboy suggested would be safe to. Would it be ok to 500 degrees?

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                I'd forgotten about the rubber feet. They just pull off - actually they fall of when you are putting it away.