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Apr 12, 2009 10:18 AM

Pittsburgh area (west): Best dining bets for the dollar?

We'll be staying in Robinson Township (Bulger, to be precise), about 10 miles west of the airport, for a week and are looking for dinner possibilities in that area. We're not chain fans, like good food (just about any cuisine), food triumphs over frills any day, and we're happiest when the bill runs somewhere between $40 and $80 for two of us. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you are a beef lover, Ditka's just opened and Ive heard that It's good...Also, the Pittsburgh Chop House is a great place for steak, but you might strech your budjet at both of these. Another place is called the Downey House. This is a restaurant/bar type place. family friendly, and better than bar food. Its on 60 (Steubenville Pike) a mile or two from Robinson Town Center.

    1. I work in the area and one popular place for lunch is Armstrong's in Moon. I like the pasta there. The wait for a table at lunch can get long, but totally worth it. Never been there for dinner though.

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        Armstrong's is an interesting call. Not a place I'd usually seek out - the ambience is strictly "family dining". But the food is surprisingly good and inexpensive for what you get. Much better value than just about any chain out there.

      2. I've got to agree with Armstrongs...I just didn't think of it! Probably because it's more of a family style place and I like more of a bar atmosphere, but the food is really good.

        1. I've been racking my brain for other "non-chain" places around Robinson. One other place I go (again, for lunch) is Bocktown which is near Target and the shopping. They have good sandwiches and salads, again very casual, though.

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            How about Scoglio's in Robinson? They are up in the shopping center behind Jared's. Food is great.

          2. You may want to spend an evening in Sewickley, PA. Lots of great restaurants there - Greek food at Little Athens (you don't say..), upscale bar food and great beer selection at The Sharp Edge and The Sewickley Hotel, and I hear lots of good things about of a new crepe bistro, though I haven't been. If you make it to the Sewickley Hotel, save room for dessert. They are homemade phenomenal...the bread budding is my favorite!
            I would also consider Wings, Suds, and Spuds (8806 University Blvd.) in Coraopolis. It is a dingy bar with great chicken wings and fresh cut fries.
            Lastle, you may want to consider Harold's Inn (2134 Broadhead Road) in Aliquippa. This restaurant is a little further than Wings, Suds and Spuds. The menu is all over the place. I can't say anything for the Italian cuisine, as I haven't tried it. However, the fried chicken and taters with "mountain seasoning" are great. Can be greasy, depending on who is cooking that day, but are usually crisp and moist.
            Hope you enjoy your stay!