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Apr 12, 2009 10:03 AM

Yummy Market

This place is awesome! It's on Dufferin, a little South of Finch.
It's a pretty big European supermarket and is filled with tons of goodies you're unlikely to find anywhere else. Here's a list of things I love in this store, I highly recommend that if you haven't already been there, that you go. As a bonus, they're open 9 - 9 EVERY DAY except for Jan 1st.

- excellent cheese and deli counters, with an amazing variety of fresh cheeses such as cottage, feta, and cream cheese, sold by weight.
- about 30 varieties of chocolate covered mini cheesecakes sold in bulk. They come in flavours such as dulce de leche, blueberry, chocolate, black/red currant, you name it
- a whole aisle (both sides) of bulk European chocolates and candy. A lot of these are hit or miss, but you can buy 1 of each and try them all, its the variety that kills me!
- an amzing variety of pickled items, jams, and fruit/vegetable preserves
- about half of a freezer aisle filled with different types of perogies (meat, potato, cheese, mushroom, cherry, etc...)
- excellent prepared food

They have fresh fruit and veggies too, but this section is quite small, the candy took up a lot of store space, but always fresh.

Just thought i'd share!

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  1. I agree, this is a fabulous place to shop for everything Eastern European, including wonderful smoked fishes (including numerous varieties of smoked salmon, available unpackaged and sold by weight, the good old-fashioned way). I haven't tried much of it, but their prepared foods look delicious.

    1. I agree this place is really great. The multigrain rye bread is really amayzing and better then even many of the specialty bakeries around town. they have a great deli counter will great head cheese and other interesting items. I have had some of their prepared salads andthey are also quite good. The shop overall isn't cheap, but it is pretty good and a hidden gem if you are ever in that neighbourhood.

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        It's true the place is GREAT!!! Look at the 'Tea''s mindboggling! I also love the boxes of Chocolates...they are lots of fun to give as a 'hostess/host. gift..I have no idea how good they taste but the boxes are super cool, funky and otherwise amazing looking....

        1. re: pearlD

          This place looks amazing. Do they sell potato salad and if so is it good?