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Apr 12, 2009 09:21 AM

Looking for private dining room in Cambridge Area

We have a group of family gathering for a graduation at the end of the month--we are looking for a Cambridge area but can even be Arlington or west suburbs-for a midweek dinner. Does anyone have any ideas of places that would have a small room to accommodate 12 for dinner? We have some elderly folks with us and I find that the noise level and seating in restaurants is not conducive to letting conversation flow around the table so that all can enjoy. We had a great dinner in a private room at the Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton aways back, but we don't want to go that far for this.

Thanks, Chows, for your ideas!

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  1. I've been to some lovely small & large private events at Rialto. The Elephant Walk on Mass Ave has a quiet lower level & can do a big table that feels like a private room. Good luck.

    1. I was at Blue Room for brunch today and noticed they have some sort of small private room, but couldn't tell the capacity.

      1. I'm pretty sure Upstairs on the Square has a private dining area. They have good food and I can see it being a nice special occasion place.

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          Upstairs on the Square will reserve it's Zebra Room for you which is just so cute and fun. It holds up to a max of 40 people, but they can configure it to make it intimate for your gathering. The room rental fee (last time I checked) was around $75-150 per hour depending upon your guest count. The space is really great for the type of event you are talking about.

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          1. Craigie on Main may be another option.

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              I believe the "private room" at Craigie is an area of the dining room that can be curtained off for visual privacy, but I wouldn't expect any sound separation from the noise of the dining room.

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                That is correct. If you go to the Craigie website, you can actually view seating plan charts for how they set up the dining room area for large parties.


          2. The Elephant Walk in Cambridge has at least one private room, and as far as I'm aware, they don't charge a room rental fee.

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              Another idea would be Harvest in Harvard Square. They don't have a private room, but the back dining area is just not as loud as the front of the restaurant. Wonderful restaurant.