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Apr 12, 2009 08:34 AM

Stout beer in the FQ

I'm coming to he FQ Fest this week and wondering where I can find some good stouts around the quarter, either by the bottle or the sixer. My favorites are old rasputin, brooklyn chocolate and most oatmeal stouts. Also, where's the best places to hear good music (blues, r&b, zydeco) these days. I haven't been to NO in a couple of years so kinda out of touch. TIA

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  1. The French Quarter is overrun by daiquiri shops and swank hotel bars, but not much in between, and as far as I know there isn't a "beer bar" in that area.

    Your best bet down there is d.b.a. on Frenchmen St in the Marigny. For some reason their site won't open on my browser, but it's You can view the menu of beers on tap, which is extensive and always has a few stouts.

    In general the Marigny is a bit higher brow than the FQ. d.b.a. also has live music every night. On that stretch of Frenchmen though, you should just follow your ears, as there are a few great music venues in close succession.

    And finally, if you'll be getting Uptown at all, the Bulldog on Magazine has tons of beers on tap. Looks from their menu ( that they have Guiness and Rogue Chocolate.

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      actually there is a beer bar on bourbon. right in midst of all the daiquiri & t-shirt shops.. cant remember the name but they have a row of at least 40 taps. i tried one and remember it being pricey.

    2. Kerry Irish Pub 331 Decatur St is worth stopping at. More of a neighborhood bar.

      I did try Cresent City Brewhouse a microbrewery in the french quarter. They had 6 microbrews on tap. I had a seasonal beer dunkel weiss a dark wheat beer. It was ok but pricey at $8.25 for a beer. More of a tourist place.

      I agree with halfshell above. Be sure and go to the Faubourg Marigny district and check out the bars on Frenchmen street. I like the music at the Spotted Cat.


      1. Does anyone know of a bar in New Orleans that serves Beamish? I loved it when I had it in Ireland and it's nearly impossible to find in the U.S. it seems.

        1. Thanks for the replies. I have since located Sam Smithl stouts at Alibi on Iberville, Club Decatur and Sidneys Wine (next to Central Grocery). I also found Brooklyn Chocolate stout at dba on Frenchman. Still no Old Rasputin though, and I would love to find a small funky venue with good music and good beer. If not in the quarter maybe uptown ?

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            someone mentioned it but DBA really is the music+beers spot in town. i dont know of any other place w/ a selection like theirs as well as good music. only problem is it can get pretty crowded on the weekends.