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Apr 12, 2009 08:23 AM

Niagara Falls Vacation Recommendations

We will be doing a familiy trip to Niagara Falls for 2 nights in early June. We have two kids, 7 and 6, and we eat everything and we can do any price.. The kids are good in any kind of restaurant. Anything unusual, specific to the area, or ethnic is a plus but great food is a must. I have combed the board and found that most peope feel that Niagara falls is a wasteland. Anybody have other recommendations or updates or new places?

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  1. Weekday or weekend? Where abouts (hotel or area) wil you be staying? will you have a lot of free time?
    If it's a sunny weekend, there may be lots of tourists etc....
    You can BBQ in Niagara Park, Don't buy fast-food within the park, it's expensive and bad.
    How about take-out basket from one of the winery restaurants and have a picnick? The Epicurian(?) on Queen st. on N-O-T-L was pretty good. The service in Prince of Wales Hotel is too slow for me ( probably too slow for small children also). If you like Japanese food, there is Taki on Victoria and Yukiguni on Fallsview blvd. I've gone there often. Sports bar on Stanley named Clancy's is pretty good too. Pizza, wings(dry not saucy). Unfortunately, there aren't great food choices near the falls that I'm aware of. Away from the falls is a different story. I'll post again if my memory decides to work.

    1. Staying at the Embassy Suites Wed and Thurs June 10 and 11. We will not have a car

      1. Although not really adventerous eating, you MUST go to ANTICA PIZZA. It's on Victoria Ave., right off of Clifton Hill. Usually, everything around there is of the tourist trap nature, but this is family-owned and high-quality. You will have excellent pizza and pasta there for sure. I'm going to out on a limb and even suggest that it's worth a drive from Toronto to Niagara!!!

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          Heading to Toronto for 8 days after the Niagara falls trip!

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            I second Antica. If you're looking for something a bit closer to your hotel Zappi's pizza is also excellent. It's a short walk from your hotel on the other side of Stanley St., also they will deliver. Be sure to order extra or double cheese on the pizza as it can be a bit skimpy, great sauce and crust, resto is very kid friendly too.

            The other places I'd rec in the area are actually inside the casino so not able to do with the kids.

          2. Casa Mia in Niagara Falls is great homemade Italian cuisine. They do offer shuttle service from any hotel to the restaurant, so you dont have to worry about getting there.
            They have a website if you want to check out the menu.

            1. I really recommend 17 Noir in the fallsview casino... fresh fresh sushi & sashimi.. they also have a great soba noodles..