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Grass fed, grass finished beef

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Where in town can I get grass fed, grass finished beef? I'm interested in restaurant and grocery sources.

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  1. Whole Foods does have some very nice grass fed beef (although it's probably worth asking if it's grass or grain finished). It probably varies how locally-sourced it is.

    Wheatsville Co-op has Nieman Ranch beef, which is a large-scale, multi-location operation beef, but claims to be grass-fed. I've had it and it's good beef.

    I haven't been to the Farmers Market in a month or so, but that's probably your best bet, assuming that beef is available again. You can talk directly to the farmers and discuss exactly what you're getting. Back a month or so ago, at the peak of the drought, none of the farms had any available.

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      Two different beef vendors were at the downtown Farmer's Market Saturday, along with others for bison, lamb, pork, and veal/boar/chickens.

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        Thanks zeb, good to know. I'll probably be picking up a couple of steaks this Saturday.

    2. We get our grass-fed beef and pork from Richardson Farms at the Sunset Valley FM on Saturdays. Not only is their product *exceptional*, but they are just really sweet people to boot. They also have chicken and eggs at their stand.

      1. (All?) People's Pharmacy locations sell grass fed+finished beef from:


        1. There's 2 vendors at the Wednesday afternoon farmers' market at the Triangle. One had beef and pork and I think the other had beef, bison, and poultry. Pretty pricey but the guy from the Elm Mott (near Waco) Homestead farm/school was there also with his cheeses. They teach weekend classes in cheese making, beekeeping, poultry, etc I'd like to try sometime.
          I think it's cheaper to buy a quarter beef from a producer. Here's a neat link for Texas' growers, many of whom deliver to Austin: