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Apr 12, 2009 08:01 AM

Copacabana (not yet opened) [Brazillian Rodizio]

Just a heads up, that although Copacabana on Eglington, just east of Yonge, looks like it might have opened, it hasnt yet. We managed to contact someone at the Niagara Falls location by telephone, and were advised that they were hoping to open in late April, 2009.

We havnt tried the Niagara Falls location, but have read some mediocre reviews.

We are really looking forward to this opening, as we have been very disappointed with Red Violin on Danforth and Carnaval on East Beaver Creek (closed down I heard).

We just got back from the Real McCoy - TEXAS De BRAZIL, in Memphis. Its part of a chain in the US. It is the best restaurant I have been to in my life (as a meat lover). So, this will be the yardstick that Copacabana will get compared to by us. We know...thats asking for a lot, but there is no reason that a Brazillian Rodizio barbeque restaurant in Toronto need be bad; all it would take was a visit by the owners to Texas De Brazil in the States for research combined with some professional restaurant experience.

Heres the link to the web site, but it only mentions the Niagara location:

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  1. To me the biggest thing they need is large crowds.. without large crowds meat gets dried out or not avalable worst was the waiteres at red violin walking around with a tiny peice of dried up meat stuck on teh end of the swords..

    1. I've been to Copacabana in NF and don't understand what all the complaints were about. It was a lot of fun. The food was great. At least, the meat was. We didn't bother with the salad bar but I do understand there are complaints about it. As a meatatarian I full enjoyed eating like a Viking.
      I hope this place is much the same.

      One small complaint that's not food related. You can't reserve a table for less than 5 people and if you don't get there before 5:30 or so, you can have an extremely long wait.


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        Hopefully it is good, I went a couple of times to the rodizio that was in Richmond Hill that closed. It was hit and miss, sometimes really good, sometimes awful.

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          what is the price at the NF location?

        2. Went to the NIagara Falls one twice. THe first time all the meats were really quite delicious. The second time there were some that were over done, but SO absolutely loves it there and we're so glad we don't have to go all the way to the Falls anymore.

          1. I finally had churrasqueiria in Brasil this past winter, we even ate at one of the chains in Salvador that now sets the standard for me. The "salad bar" was already impressive enough, it included some mighty fine prosciutto, Serrano ham that you slice off the leg yourself, a wheel of lovely Parmiggiano-Reggiano, and other high end items, very expensive for Brazilian standards, but only $35 Cdn for us rich foreigners, a good wine list and very good service. If the meat on the spit was getting a little "cold", the server did not serve it and came back with a fresh one from the grill. They have franchises in the US, but I doubt they can maintain the quality without charging a hefty premium. It is called Fogo de Chao,
            I'll be happy if Copacabana can deliver on the meat - I can't wait to hear the reviews when it opens. I haven't been to the other places mentioned since I received negative comments about them. Unfortunately, unlike in Brasil, Copacabana has no offal on the menu, and probably no grass fed beef, but if their web site is any indication, a steer's head, lots of flame, charcoal, I'll take what I can get :)

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              A friend who has lived in Brazil for a while does not expect to ever find the same quality here, because the BEEF is completely different over there. So unless they import the meat from Brazil ...