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Apr 12, 2009 07:51 AM

Ingredient Meccas

When you are hunting around Boston for something ethnic, where do you head? For me, (and I live in Arlington), I aim for these places..

I am not listing meat, seafood, and produce, but there are enough threads here mentioning Dewars, Russos, Savenors, etc.

Korean/Japanese - Reliable Market or Kotobukiya (till May 10), H-mart when it finally opens..
Chinese - Super 88 (I like the one in Malden) or Ming's Supermarket
Middle-Eastern - Arax and Sevan in Watertown
Italian - Salumeria Italiano in the NE or Bob's Food in Medford
Mexican/South American - Hi-Lo in JP, Tropical Food on Washington
Eastern European - Berezka Deli or Bazaar in Allston
Spices - Penzeys in Arlington or Christina's in Inman

As for Indian, seems like there are small markets everywhere, but there's a place in Waltham on Moody that seems well stocked..

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  1. in the north end, pace is well-stocked for italian and on blackstone st. there are several middle-eastern markets downstairs that carry loads of goods. there is also a syrian grocer in the south end, right near the franklin, with unpredictable hours but excellent inventory.

    1. Korean - Reliable Market, Mirim, John's Market
      Chinese - Kam Man
      Armenian and Middle Eastern- Sevan, Arax, Massis, Bay Sweets, Sabb's, Cedar's, Bob's/Droubi Bakery, Syrian Grocery Importing Co.
      Indian - Waltham India Grocery was my go-to before Patel Bros moved in, but they have some really good stuff too. Shalimar is the best closer to Cambridge/Boston
      E. European - Bazaar/Berezka, Baltic Deli, Euromart
      SE Asian - Paylin Lynn Market, Full Moon
      Latino - La Favorita, Tropical Foods
      Italian - J Pace (downtown or behind MGH), Salumeria Italiana, Dave's Fresh Pasta, Sessa's

      1. I think you mean Patel Brothers as the well-stocked place on Moody Street. There are several other solid Indian groceries on that block, but Patel is the most supermarket-like. I adore that stretch of Moody Street.

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          Speaking of that stretch of Moody street, Salem grocery is great for Italian and there is a Latino market that has a good selection. (can't recall the name but it is across from the Indian markets)

          1. re: rouxmaker

            Yup, SalemFoods is good, and the Mexican place, with a very decent selection, is La Chapincita, I believe.

        2. angkor watt market and angkor thom market on shirley ave in revere for cambodian and other se asian goods

          1. For spices, flours, bulk items, I like Harvest Co-op in Central Square. They have a great selection & it's much cheaper than buying in a regular grocery store.

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            1. re: BackBayGirl

              I'll have to look in Harvest next time I am in Central - but I have a hard time believing they'd beat out Penzey's for spices - Penzey's has like 4 kinds of curry powders, 8 kinds of peppercorns, etc, and they sell them in small jars at pretty decent prices..

              I had forgotten about Sabb's and Cedar's, and I work out here in Norwood.. man, Sabb's makes a mean shwarma

              1. re: grant.cook

                Not quite as good as Penzey's but darn close and it is serve yourself so you only get what you need. They certainly don't have the multiple varieties of peppercorns, etc.

                1. re: StriperGuy

                  At the Harvest, I served myself a lb of Forbidden Chinese black rice last week. Saw a couple of recipes, one savory, one sweet, that I plan to give a whirl.

                  1. re: Taralli

                    Did it say which vendor it came from?

                    1. re: galleygirl

                      Sorry, I was so excited to even find it, that I didn't look.

                      1. re: Taralli

                        You can regularly find it in their non-bulk aisle, and at Whole Foods. Lotus does all kinds of heirloom rice, including the Forbidden Rice...