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Apr 12, 2009 07:30 AM

dining near carnegie hall

where to dine in carnegie hall area for festive occasion?

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  1. Molyvos, just a block or two away on 7th btw 56th and 55th, serves top-knotch greek with a well-known greek chef at the helm. it's a little pricy, but the meal is absolutely fantastic.

    1. With literally hundreds of restaurants to choose from in the area surrounding Carnegie Hall, it would be helpful if you would provide some specifics:

      Cuisine preferences?
      Lunch or dinner?
      Day of the week?
      Casual or fancy?
      Per person budget for food only (drinks, tax & tip additional)?

      1. Trattoria il Naso right on 7th Avenue & 56 St, NW corner. Couldn't be closer.

        1. molyvos is wonderful, also, i am a big fan of patsy's on 56th beween b'way and 8th...old school italian, but the food can be a little heavy.

          1. I believe roxlet means Trattoria Dell 'Arte. I agree with RGR it would help to know what kind of food and budget you have and what your idea of "festive occasion" is. Loud and fun or quiet and romantic? Trattoria is good for the former and Petrossian is good for the latter.