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Apr 12, 2009 07:19 AM

Tapas at Tinto- Great if You Can Afford Them

Husband & I went to Tinto last night...both of us had been there for lunch before but never for dinner. Really liked the food but honestly in these times the prices were hard to swallow. We started with some small plates that were really tiny: 2 bites of blue cheese for $7; plate of four tiny ham wrapped figs for $5, mini dish of olives for $4; the bread and crackers served alongside very skimpy...we asked for them to refill the bread twice... everything was really good but hardly made a dent in one's appetite!! We next tried the shrimp brochetas (2 shrimp for $12); sea bass in salsa verde (small piece of fish and 5 of the tiniest clams in creation..$14 but this was the best dish we had!!); lastly basque mussels (a ramekin of mussels in tasty sauce sans shells...thankfully there was a generous side of spicy frites $13). We're up to $55 plus the 4 wines by the glass at $8 each and we've reached our limit on dinner, including tax and tip, around $115.. Though the desserts at Tinto looked tempting, we went for coffee and dessert at Capogiro..the gelatos are a bargain at just under $5 for a small and considerably more filling than the entire meal at Tinto!!

So...will we be back to Tinto? Only for the $18 lunch special, I'm afraid.

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  1. Yeah, it's pricey, but it is good. We have eaten there several times with our daughter and always enjoyed it. But then, we are not big eaters and this is definitely not at AYB place!
    Wine at $8 glass is about average. When there is the 3 of us, we usually get 2-3 items each. That brings the total to well over $100 before T&T. Oh...and some of the desserts are very good!

    1. It is expensive. That's why I only go there for drinks and a couple of snacks (usually the short rib!). An entire dinner there or at Amada is saved for special occasions.

      1. If you like tapas, have you been to Bar Ferdinand? We think it's great, and less expensive than Tinto or Amada.

        1. I don't think Tinto is overly expensive for the quality of food and overall experience there. I can't think of a restaurant at that level I can get out of for less than $100+ for two people. If you want a nice restaurant, that is what it costs these days. BYOs might be cheaper, but not much. Between the cost of food, transport, upkeep, that is what a good restaurant has to charge to stay in business.

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            I agree with you the quality is great but for 100+ I'd like to feel like I ate enough to constitute an actual meal...for me the bites were just too small ... even though the food was delicious, there just wasn't enough of it...I did not really like the "overall experience" because it left me hungry!