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Apr 12, 2009 07:01 AM

Soft shell crabs?

Where are you getting your soft shell crabs this season?

I just paid $18 for a breaded and deep fried one over field greens at Scuderia and, although I loved it, I felt it was pricey.

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  1. i had an inexpensive soft soft shell crab with ponzu appetizer at Takahachi (tribeca) and it was good.

    1. i think its a tad too early for soft shells...i had some in LA this past weekend and they were a little on the hard side.

      ive actually had fantastic soft shell crab preparations at kingswood and barbuto last year. the kingswood one came with some seaweed salad which i love.

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        Maryland softshells are usually at the first full moon in May. But the Carolinas are now. The softshells i had the other nite came in live not frozen

        1. re: foodwhisperer

          i had soft shells for dinner tonight in queens. deliriously delicious, as the first batch always are, but small. three in the order for $26 ( was dark and the specials were hand written)

      2. I had a fantastic soft shell crab dish at Cantoon Garden on Friday night. It is quite a lot better than the soft shell crabs at Great NY Noodletown, and I highly recommend it. I wasn't paying and don't know exactly what price they charged, but it was a banquet for 6 people and wasn't expensive.