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Apr 12, 2009 06:16 AM

Seasons 52 - Cherry Hill

Having had a number of positive experiences with Seasons 52 in Florida, I was really disappointed with their new location attached to the Cherry Hill Mall. It was raining so we took advantage of their complimentary valet parking. I went with my daughter and her 2 young children. When we were greeted we requested 1 high chair and was told they do not offer high chairs. The manager informed us, it was up to us to keep my 2 year old grandson "barricaded" in the booth. At this point, if it had not been raining and we would have retrieved our car and gone somewhere else.

Needless to say, they do not have a children's menu, but offered us penne with marinara, a small pizza, grilled chicken with vegetables and maybe one other choice, which escapes me at the moment. We opted for the penne. My daughter and I shared a plum tomato flat bread, tuna tartare as appetizers. The flatbread was limp and borderline luke warm. The tuna was not chopped very well and stringy.

I ordered their small plate Greek salad, which was served on a HOT plate. I won't comment on the tomatoes, since they aren't in season to begin with. My daughter ordered the oak grilled chicken with vegetables. The chicken was not cooked through. That dish went back and the frustration level at this point was quite high. They took the chicken off the bill, the manager apologized and dissed his chef, saying he should know how to cook chicken. Alrighty then.

Our server was pleasant enough, but not at all attentive. We had to ask another server to find her to tell her about the chicken since she didn't stop back to see if there was anything else we might need. She was not the server who brought out our food. There was no offer for drink refills.

This location is attached to a mall! How can they not accommodate families with children? We won't be back.

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    1. I've gone there a few times and haven't had the service problems that you describe, I've had no problems. I find it a little odd that they don't have any beers on tap with such an expansive wine list, but overall not bad.

      As far as not accomodating children simply because they are attached to the mall, I have to disagree. They are opening a Capital Grille there in a month or so, are you going to assume they will have high chairs there too? There are plenty of other more family friendly restaurants nearby if that was what you were after (Bucca, Olive Garden, Applebees, Food Court, TGI Fridays, Red Lobster, just come to mind). Just my $.02.

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        I have not been to Seasons52...but regardless of the high chair, sounds like it would have been an unpleasant experience for anyone eating there with or without kids. Seems there are a lot of issues going on there that need to be worked out.

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          On the other hand, just because I have a 4 year old child doesn't mean I should simply HAVE to choose those "family friendly restaurants" either...If I want a certain dining experience, I should be able to be accommodated as long as I'm paying for the service. My child is well-behaved and handles herself very nicely. She has learned to entertain herself in restaurants and probably wouldn't have learned to do so if her sole learning experience had been the play area of the Marlton McDonald's. We all know our kids' limits - if I know my kid would have been unruly without a highchair and a $6 hotdog and juice, I would have left the restaurant despite the rain and headed over to the Food Court.

          I have heard mostly lukewarm reviews of Seasons 52 from friends. I believe The Philadelphia Inquirer's critic Craig LaBan wrote that most of the ingredients were fresh from the frozen section and not particularly tasty but I hope they work out their kinks...