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Apr 11, 2009 09:57 PM

Fish & Chips - Scottsdale

With the Mrs. being from Australia, we're big fans of good fish & chips.

Hit a local neighborhood dive & actually had some good ones so figured we'd share.

The place is called the One Eyed Dog and is on Miller & Camelback. It was formerly another bar but not too long ago changed into an English pub. We've been in the strip mall a million times but hadn't tried it since the change or in its previous incarnation.

Total neighborhood local dive. Very casual, which I like. Small patio with a firepit (portable) outside that was lit. Inside a huge circular bar in the middle of the restaurant was definitely the most prominent feature. Very casual vibe with TVs showing sports throughout, and posters giving it some English character.

It was quite busy and the crowd was very mixed. After being there for a good while, the Mrs. & I agreed that it was an interesting place to people watch. There were a good number of seniors concentrating on their food, some super casual young folk drinking & hanging out & some middle aged folks that looked to be kind of on the prowl. Definitely had a huge local feel. The server said they have a ton of regulars.

As far as the food, we did 3 orders of the fish & chips (cod). They also had a couple walleye dishes. The fish & chips were great. The fish & chips totally got the Mrs. approval. In recent visits to places we've really liked in the past, we've come across dry fish with way too much batter. This definitely wasn't the case. The fish was moist, mild & tasty. The batter was light but crispy. Just right. The server said the owner was from York and they make their batter the traditional way every morning. The fries also passed the Aussie test. Nice big "chips". Malt vinegar, HP & the other necessities were also available. They also had some nice beer on tap (Boddington's & Tetley's were 2 that stood out in my mind).

They also had some other interesting things on the menu that we need to go back & try: Scotch egg, shepherd's pie, bangers & mash, bangers, beans & chips. No pasties or sausage rolls.

All in all, it was a good time & we'll definitely be heading back.

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  1. cc1111, thanks for the review!

    I drove by the place on Wednesday of last week and I was suprised to see that 'Sunday's' the former restaurant/bar was gone.
    It used to be a Green Bay Packer fan hangout, I couldn't handle the stale smell of smoke that remained after the smoking laws changed.
    They were always known for their Walleye!

    I'm glad to see that One Eyed Dog has kept Walleye on the menu.......we will definitely be checking it out!

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      I probably go to that Sunflower Market once a week, and the change seemed to happen overnight. It's been One-Eyed Dog, for quite a while, now, and it seems much more successful than Sundays. There have been times when I've had to park on the other side of Pasta Brioni, and the Sunflower staff thinks it's because of the pub.

      Sunday's Lounge
      4432 N Miller Rd, Scottsdale, AZ

    2. Great info, thanks. Four Peaks has a nice fried walleye special from time-to-time, but I don't get there as often as I'd like. Will be checking this out soon.

      1. Although I have not tried the fish & chips or a walleye dish, I did have the wings there once and I would advise everyone to avoid them completely. They were far too crispy, dry, and overall just had bad flavor. I have not gone back since although it sounds like they obviously have better dishes. A side note, we were there on a weeknight and the crowd there was all seniors except for our table, which is not necessarily bad but just did not lend itself to a lively feel...

        1. I understand the venue has been sold is being converted into a Irish bar/pizza/sandwich joint, "Clancy's Pub." I guess the owner of the small Omaha, Nebraska (!) chain has decided to spend winters in Arizona...

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          1. re: zencker

            maybe they will introduce arizona to the runza?

            1. re: azhotdish

              Not if the menu posted on the website ( is any indication. They do have gizzards, though.

              1. re: zencker

                We actually went & it was weak. All the cool English stuff is off the menu. Menu is pretty bland/boring & the execution wasn't great. I'd be happy to go to Zipp's right next door over Clancy's anytime. So bummed.