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Apr 11, 2009 09:47 PM

Places open in Honolulu on Easter?

Aloha Oahu Chowhounds -- I am not looking for somewhere to eat for an Easter meal but rather wondering whether we'll be able to eat out tomorrow, which just happens to be Easter (no disrespect re: Easter; it's just that we're Jewish and, therefore, don't celebrate it). I don't really need specific recs so much as I am wondering if we should expect to do room service or something. On a separate note, we stopped by Han's Haute Dogs on Coral St. on the way from the airport to the hotel. I had the portuguese sausage (clearly we don't keep Kosher!) w/ mustard and grilled onions (super tasty) and some onion rings. I'm a happy girl :)

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  1. Buy a paper. Everyone is open tomorrow. Go to Roys (Waikiki, Ko Olina, the "flagship" Hawaii Kai, Hiroshi @ restaurant row, and on and on.
    BTW I am glad you enjoyed Hank's! :-) I am Polish/Jewish/Catholic and have a carnival of celebration if you will.......In fact we are making
    lamb rack's ala Wolfgang Puck Chinois style for our Easter meal.

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      Sounds yummy! Thanks for the advice, too. We had Teddy's Bigger Burgers for lunch. If Hiroshi is open tonight, that would be great for dinner. We already have Mavro, Town, and Tokkuri-Tei on the books for other dinners, but those are all places we've already been. We're considering Hiroshi, 12th Avenue Grill, and maybe another visit to 3660 (went last trip) but are more than open to suggestions. And yes, the mussels in Cinzano broth are a must-have when we go to Town! We've been to a couple of Roys (Spanish Bay in CA and Kauai), but may try to original. The only "fancy" dinner we plan to have this trip is Mavro. Mahalo.

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        I get a weekly email newsletter from Hiroshi/Vino here is an interesting menu that is Sun/Mon
        only and a real bargain:Menu… @ Hiroshi Eurasion Tapas
        Chef Hiroshi Fukui will feature a new “locally grown” menu each month
        Sundays & Mondays (only)
        $35 per person (not including tax & gratuity)
        For Month of April…
        First Course
        Kona Kampachi Sushi
        with shiso, yuzu kosho, aioli, chili pepper water gelee, fresh
        grated ginger & ponzu glaze

        Second Course
        Troll Caught Panko-ed Mahimahi
        with takana-ginger scallion musubi & truffled tartare sauce

        Main Course
        Island White Crab Bisque
        with crab meat, orzo, vegetable medley & garlic cheese bread

        Sweet Course
        Kuni Maru Farm’s Macadamia Nut Cheese Cake “POG”
        with lilikoi-orange sauce, guava foam & Bubbie’s “Dolce de Leche” ice cream
        Call now for reservations and be sure to mention that you are having the
        Locally Grown Menu.

        I think you would enjoy the "flagship" of Roy's in Hawaii Kai but let's not forget that Waikiki tears it up in the kitchen as well. Last time we were there we had a hamachi collar that was just unbelievable for appetizer and a HUGE crab stuffed pork chop and some amazing not your typical mac and cheese. Hawaii Kai is killer in the kitchen as well, I think you should consider either of these places. I have enjoyed 12th avenue as well. Vino would be a good choice for you as well!