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Apr 11, 2009 09:34 PM

italian food, best inexpensive,modrate,expensive?

Not including wine,drinks etc what are the best in price catagories. I know even these catagories vary from person to person but just trying to get a general idea. It does not matter if its an old school-red sauce place,rustic,comtemporary,regional,innovative twist just trying to break them down into some type of price category. Thank you!

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  1. Inexpensive: Lil' Frankies (good pizza, salads, OK pastas), L'Artusi (all pastas are under $20), Malatesta Trattoria

    1. Inexpensive - Paprika, Lil' Frankies, Supper
      Moderate - Perbacco, 'Inoteca, Barbone
      Expensive - Scarpetta, Convivio, Lupa

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      1. re: ExFlexitarian

        I consider Lupa moderate. Think about it this way: If Babbo is expensive, Lupa HAS TO be moderate, by comparison. And even Babbo is not that expensive, compared to really expensive French or New American places (but I would certainly put it in the "expensive" category).

        I am not going to say which places are "best," though, because I haven't been to all of them. Babbo is certainly the place where I've had the best Italian meal in New York in the last 15-to-20 years, though.

      2. I enjoy Paul and Jimmy's (18th and Irving) very much.

        1. On the moderate tier, I am rather fond of Crispo on W. 14th St.

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          1. re: Yaqo Homo

            I second Crispo - had an excellent meal there on Friday night.

          2. Inexpensive: Frank, Cacio e Pepe
            Moderate: Po, Da Silvano, Perbacco
            Expensive: Del Posto