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Apr 11, 2009 08:27 PM

Mar Vista delivery?

We recently moved into Mar Vista, just South of the Santa Monica airport and thus far is seems we're in a good delivery food black hole. Any suggestions? We're lost!

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  1. Mao's Kitchen for Chinese, Shershawa for Indian, La Cabana for Mexican (although their delivery can be very slow), C & O Cucina (not Trattoria, they don't deliver) for Italian, House of Thai Taste for Thai, Fresh in the Box for sushi, Lenzini's for pizza, Jerry's Deli in the marina might come that far...we're just off Walgrove and Venice and they come to us. Hope that helps!

    1. For local delivery of Thai food we like Thai Beer on Venice Blvd. Solid. A new Korean/Japanese place that has another location in Westwood just opened on the corner of Gateway and Barrington, Gushi - (for pretty good teryaki beef and chicken plates and some pan fried noodle dishes like beef or chicken yaki udon and fried rice dishes - all enormous portions). North End Pizza on Olympic Blvd. just barely east of Bundy has Boston style pies and Classic Pizza on Pico in Santa Monica has good sandwiches and salads.

      North End Pizza 310 481 7103

      Classic Pizzeria
      2624 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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        Wow...thanks for the quick replies! Keep 'em coming!

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        1. 26 Beach delivers, not sure what they charge.

          1. Agra Kitchen for Indian, Tara's for Himalayan, Abbots for Pizza, California Chicken Cafe, Fresh in the Box for Asian