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Apr 11, 2009 08:21 PM

Asian One Buffet

There's a new chinese/vietnamese buffet that opened in the Great Wall strip mall.

I didn't eat there, but went inside to check out the fare.

The place is decently sized, but definitely not big.

There's a long row of buffet items. Late Saturday night, I saw some dim sum dishes, some noodles, and some stir fry items. Nothing stood out.

Price wise, it seems lower than other buffet joints. Dinner on a weekend is $9.95/ adults and $5 for kids. About $2 cheaper on week nights, and maybe $3 cheaper for lunch.

They also have a "pho only" time from 3-5pm.

Not sure if I will ever eat at this place, but just wanted to pass it along to those who may be more interested.

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  1. I'm not afraid to try a buffet, but please ... exactly where is this mall? Are you referring to Merrifield, Virginia?

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    1. re: wayne keyser

      This place is located on Gallows Road between 29 and rt. 50 in Dunn Loring.

      It's in a strip mall with Gold's Gym (go figure), Five Guys, Unique Thrift shop, and of course, Great Wall. BTW, Great Wall also has a small cafeteria and a stand with BBQ meats for purchase.

      I recall in the past that you said that you were slightly disabled.

      This buffet is configured in such a way that the buffet tables are elevated from the dining area, and the buffet tables are accessible via ramp and stairs, so keep that in mind.

      Here's a link on how to get there.

      1. re: Chownut

        Kind of you to remember me.

        [*sigh*] ... 1 walker with tray attached + 1 plate on the tray + 1 ramp = CRASH! ... guess I'll be passing on this one.

        Thanks for the reply!

        1. re: wayne keyser

          I wouldn't rule out this place just yet.

          I'm sure the buffet helpers wouldn't mind helping you with your plate since this joint is new and wants as much business as possible.

    2. Let me correct myself.

      This joint is called "Southeast Asian Corner."