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Restaurant near Nationals Park

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We are going to a concert at Nationals Park in July and are staying at the Courtyard Hotel at 140 L Street SE. I hear that there aren't a whole bunch of restaurants nearby, but there is a metro stop across the street.

We'll be short on time and are open to a variety of cuisines. Convenience is a big factor.

Any suggestions?

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  1. The Washington Post has all of the leaked secrets.


    And the others aren't available, at least from me.

    1. those are decent, but the hopping Penn Quarter / Gallery Place NW neighborhood is a quick Yellow/Green line ride (3 stops? 4?). search the board with those keywords and you'll be overwhelmed with good options.

      closer to you is a short block of 'ehh' places on 1st and C SE by the Capitol South station. but by that point you're only a few blocks from Penn Ave. (which has some 'ehh' places too just more variety)

      1. Thank you both! I now see several places that have potential.