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Apr 11, 2009 06:36 PM

Malted Milk Powder - Where to Buy in NYC?

Trying a simple recipe combining peanut butter, malted milk powder and dried coconut for yummy snacks. I know Carnation and Ovaltine make it, just to name the more popular varieties, but I can't seem to find. I wish to buy IN STORE and NOT online if possible. Anyone bought and can advise where to go? Tried many stores, many within the same chain, on Long Island too. THANKS! -cH

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  1. Horlicks is another choice. It's a UK brand popular in Commonwealth countries. The jar I last bought (at a Chinese grocery) was made in Jamaica. You might also find it among Indian groceries.

    1. I recently got Carnation malted milk powder for a cake recipe on I was able to get it at my basic local grocery store here in the city. I believe it was in the same section as hot chocolate and coffee. I have to believe if Food City carries it, the larger chains must stock it, too. Did you inquire with the manager? Good luck with your quest -- the snacks sound very yummy!

      1. you can get ovaltine at most grocery stores in harlem or at pearl river (and probably other asian markets too)


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          I see it everywhere. You should certainly be able to find it in any regular market like Met, Associated, or probably even A&P. Check online - Pathmark and Fairwary most likely carry it.

        2. You can try Kalustyan's at 123 Lexington Ave (around E. 28th), New York, NY 10016 (Phone= 212-685-3451). I vaguely remember seeing Ovaltine and/or Horlick when I was shopping there a few weeks ago. I just checked their website and looks like both Ovaltine and Horlick are sold by Kalustyan's on-line but you can give them a call to save a trip in case they don't carry them in their retail store.

          p.s. Ovaltine is misspelled as "Ovalitine" (with an extra 'i') at Kalustyan's website in case you have trouble looking it up.

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            Kalustyan's retail store at 123 Lexington Ave (@ 28th St.) does sell malted milk powder.
            There is also another Indian grocery store on E. 28th St. (SW side, several doors West of Lexington) that also carries it.