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Apr 11, 2009 06:34 PM

Visiting New Yorker seeks advice

Howdy, Philly hounds. Four of us are coming down to see the Cezanne show in May. I've booked a table at Fork for dinner on Friday, and I'm looking for a place to have breakfast nearish the museum on Saturday. Any suggestions? We like simple and delicious, flashy/scene-y not required, or desired. (Feel free to tell me if Fork was a mistake...)


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  1. Figs, at 2501 Meredith St., has a great Sat./Sun. brunch from 10:30 -2:30. Walking distance to the Museum, BYO, cash only.

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      Sorry to double post but if it's a nice day and you don't mind a little walk, you should consider brunch in the Rittenhouse area. From there you can walk along along the Skukyll Banks Trail directly to the Art Museum. Very beautiful walk. Lots of options around there but it's outside of my brunch zone so I'll someone else recommend.

    2. Sabrina's, at 18th & Callow Hill, is famous for brunch and is quite good (and hearty). There can be a wait, however, so be prepared for that or go early.

      Fork has a great reputation but recently changed chefs. I haven't been since the change, but I haven't heard anything negative. Other places to consider for an upscale evening dinner are Amada, Tinto, Zahav, Matyson and Modo Mio.

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        Fork recently changed chefs and for the much better. Terrence Feury has an excellent reputation in both Philly and NYC. A recent meal at Fork was very good and we were pleased with everything and it has a very nice atmosphere, I think you'll be pleased with your choice. BTW, the duck confit app is excellent as is the scallops entree. Feury is known for hos work with seafood/fish. A decent wine list and we had an excellent Chablis ($60, Domaine Servin) that went very well with everything. Enjoy our wonderful art museum and our wonderful city, lord knows I adore yours.......

      2. Figs, great brunch. Make reservations. Don't miss the pancakes and the crab benedict.

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          Thank you all! I'm going to book Figs today, and will report back in May about my trip.