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Road Trip from Austin TX to Hilton Head

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We've never made this trip before and want to know the memorable spots to stop, eat, stay [ along the way. Not botherered by out of the way places, any and all suggestions please!

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  1. I think you will find that you will get more suggestions if you clearly define your route, and the cities you will be passing through. Also, if you do a search for those cities, you will find many suggestions that have already been posted. Also, be aware that this site is strictly about food...any discusions of places to stay will be deleted by the moderators.

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      Oops! I thought you would do all the work for me. I'll get busy and get back when I've done my homework! Thanks!

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        Try to plan a stop at Dreamland BBQ. They have eight locations in Alabama. Google: dreamland bbq. They have terrific sauce and great ribs. I made a special stop in Tuscaloosa when I moved from Houston to Charlotte. The next time I am in Alabama, a stop at a dreamland will definitely be part of the itinerary.