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Apr 11, 2009 05:42 PM

Gluten-Free Bakery in Philly Area

I need to find a gluten free bakery in the Philly area. Mr Ritts has moved to Jersey. Any ideas?

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  1. i was all ready to help when i saw the title, because i was going to suggest Mr. Ritts...and then i read the body of your post. bummer!

    i checked the website, and there's a natural food store in Springfield that's listed as a reseller. perhaps you could contact them to find out what kind of selection they have...

    Martindale's Natural Foods
    1172 Baltimore Pike
    Springfield, PA 19064

    as a last resort, you could always have the NJ Mr. Ritts ship you an order.

    1. I know this might be a trek for you, but Sweet Christine's in Kennett Square is a fairly new, well-received addition to the Kennett scene. http://www.sweetchristinesglutenfree....

      1. No need to go to Springfield. Whole foods has lots of stuff. Also Wegmans in Cherry Hill. Are you looking for something specific? Sazon gets gluten free cheescakes that are made locally. they might sell you a whole one if you need it. They are wonderful. They also have GF truffles and creme caramel.

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